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3 Rules: What not to do as an SEO – Linkdex Winner

28 March 2012 BY

A few weeks ago, before SES New York 2012, Linkdex ran a competition called “My name is Zeus”, which was a competition to find a great SEO story which would then be made into an animated video.

At SES New York Linkdex announced the winners. The video below is a winner indeed. It is made by Alex Moss (yes, the one who helped on our redesign), someone who lives for contests.

The video shows the script Alex thought off. He explains:

“The script I have written contains situations that are all true – having either experienced them myself or had someone I know tell me it happened to them. The best thing about the sketches is that you may find that you will have been through this too! I would go as far as to say that you must have experienced at least half of these sketches in order to call yourself an established SEO”

See for yourself what came out of the script and let us know your thoughts!


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