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State of Digital is the place where those working in digital can find the right content, which fits their needs, their current position and the state of the digital marketing implementation of their companies. Here they can read and share the right content with the right people to take the next steps in Digital Marketing.

Through a website with a knowledge platform (which holds a blog, whitepapers, guides, workshops, webinarsevents, etcetera), State of Digital will make a difference in online marketing and will fill a gap: it connects the dots between different people, channels and it breaks down silo’s. It will help integrate all marketing channels.

The Concept of State of Digital

State of Digital isn’t just a website or just a blog. It is a platform which will help get people forward. The concept of State of Digital was thought off and developed by Bas van den Beld based on several teaching and marketing principles brought together.

The keypoints

The keypoints of the concept are:

  • getting the right content to the right people at the right time
  • getting organisations to the next level in digital marketing
  • getting people from different backgrounds in their jobs talking on the same level and looking in the same direction when it comes to Digital Marketing

The principles

The concept is based on the following different principles:

1)    Teach the teacher principle: when you know you are going to teach something to someone else you pay more attention and will learn more yourself

2)    A principle used in an Institute in the Netherlands who gets diplomats from different cultures to understand each other by first looking at cultural elements first (make them cook together first for example) and getting them to understand different cultures by experience before the actual politics fall into place

3)    A principle used by Nelson Mandela and other prisoners in Robben Island where they created the Nelson Mandela University, also called Robben Island University, because they had committed themselves to self development. The prisoners came up with a plan and everyone with a degree was given a subject to teach. They then took the teach-the-teacher principle to have the ones being taught also teach others.

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