Bas van den Beld – Search Personality of the Year!

Bas van den Beld – Search Personality of the Year!

23rd April 2015

The EU Search Awards took place last night in Berlin and what a year it was. The venue was packed full of some of the best digital marketers from around Europe to celebrate the best of the best marketing campaigns.

We have written a post dedicated to the event and winners which you can have a read through. This post however is all about one very special person, Bas van den Beld, the Founder of State of Digital and Digital Strategist for Linkdex. Bas won the European Search Personality of the Year award last night and based on all the hype on social media, I am sure everyone will agree with me when I say it couldn’t have gone to a more deserving person.

Bas winner

Over the years Bas has put so much time and effort back into the search industry. From the work that he does to make State of Digital a success to sharing his knowledge at the many events he has spoken at, not only in Europe but across the globe. Bas also spends a lot of time helping start-ups and goes into businesses running training and consultancy sessions to help their businesses move forwards. Bas is now also working at Linkdex managing the Social and Digital PR and Marketing for Linkdex and Momentology!

Anyone that has had the pleasure of meeting Bas will tell you how much of a humble individual he is; he is always taken aback if someone compliments him on the work that he does! This post is going to do just that. I have spoken to some of the State of Digital Editorial Team who wanted to say a few things to Bas about the award win last night.

Barry Adams

When Bas first let me blog for Searchcowboys all those years ago, it was my big break in the SEO blogging scene and helped my career a lot. I consider Bas to be a mentor and a friend, an example to follow and aspire to. He has done so much for the European search & digital marketing industry and it’s great to see that recognised with this award win.

Sam Noble

I was sitting at home last night (unfortunately couldn’t make it to Berlin), refreshing my Twitter stream for the #EUSearchAwards hashtag and I found myself getting more and more excited for the announcement of the winner of this award. I had a gut feeling that Bas was in for a good chance of being given this award this year and when I saw his name come up as the winner I could not have been happier.

Bas and I met at SES London around five years ago now where he asked me if I would like to join the State of Digital (Search as it was back then) blogging team. Since then, he has helped me with my career, teaching me and giving me advice along the way. I really do owe a lot to him and have found myself a lifelong friend.

Thank you for everything Bas and congratulations on winning the EU Search Personality of the Year Award. You really do deserve it and I am thrilled that you have been recognised for the work that you do for our industry.

Bas 3

Russell O’Sullivan

I am so pleased that Bas has won European Search Personality of the Year, it couldn’t be more appropriate. I have known Bas for a few years and it never fails to amaze me that every time we meet, he imparts a little wisdom or advice, that I take on and use. Bas seems to know “everyone” and I mean literally everyone, he cant stroll into a conference without him being pulled left and right to say hello and chat to people – always with a smile on his face.

My wife met Bas last year at RIMC and came away saying he was the nicest guy, and among all the “Search folks” there, he had time to talk to her, was interested in what she did (she isn’t in the search industry) and talked about our family, she said he made her feel at home among the “Search folk”.

This award goes to show that (like those who have won it before) they make a difference across all the people in the industry and couldn’t have been awarded to a more generous, positive and all round good friend – well done Bas!

Jo Turnbull

Congratulations to one of the kindest and most talented guys in our industry. I am surpriseed Bas had not won this award sooner.  He is so knowledgeable and has been in the industry helping out other search professionals for such a long time. I remember the first time I met Bas in person 3 years ago and SMX London. Since then, I have enjoyed being part of the State of Digital team and seeing Bas in many of the events they partner with.

Bas 4

Arianne Donoghue

Huge congratulations to Bas on winning the award. I was a little starstruck when meeting him for the first time at SES a few years ago as State of Search was one of the first blogs I read when I began working in digital. In typical Bas fashion though, he was really lovely and is so kind and willing to share his knowledge with others – as well as being very welcoming to new people. Much deserved! Plus he gives great hugs!

Louis Venter

Bas is genuinely one of the nicest guys in the industry and always willing to lend a hand. His advice is always insightful and really valued. He brings the best out of people around him and is one of the most positive guys to chat to. Nothing is ever too much trouble and his energy for the industry and his peers is infectious. One hell of a nice guy who is incredibly good at what he does.

Jackie Hole

Sam “I know Jackie will want to say something but I hadn’t been able to get hold of her at the time of writing this post. Will update when I hear from her”.


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Samantha Noble is the founder of Biddable Moments and a former editor and contributor to State of Digital.
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