An Introvert’s Guide to Public Speaking

The idea of public speaking is a horrible prospect, especially for the introverted among us. Sam Marsden shares his tips on how to start speaking at conferences including how to prepare and what you should do afterwards.

Study: state of mobile page speed in Ireland

This study from April 2018 shows how well the 100 most popular websites in Ireland perform when it comes to mobile speed. With the homepage taken as a benchmark and compare how they perform against Google’s recommendations on speed, page size, requests and more.

The Golden 8W Rule for PPC Campaign Planning

What to ask before setting an online advertising campaign is as vital to a PPC professional as knowing perfectly how to set the structure of your ads and how to work on the platform you are going to use. This is a quick checklist of questions to ask to be sure you are not missing important information to set a successful AdWords, Bing, Linkedin or Facebook Ads campaign.

URLs, Crawling, and PageRank; Fundamentals of SEO

URLs are the foundation of the web. Many aspects of usability and search engine crawling and ranking focus on URLs. In this post, Barry Adams explains some of the elements that make URLs so important and why you shouldn’t ignore good URLs for your website.

5 Free Ways to Make Your Website Better

Do you want to make your websites better, be a better marketer and overall be more successful at the work you do? If yes, read on for five of Chris Green’s top (free) tools you can get started with today.