Step away from your site, I dare you

Not to long ago Search Engine Optimization was all about optimizing your site. Things have changed. Of course optimizing your pages is still important, important to get your own site ranking. But what about those nine other results on the first page of the SERP? They are interesting too. And theoretically they can all be yours. And for that you have to step away from your site.

Search Engine Strategies New York 2010 in pictures

Search Engine Strategies New York 2010 has just ended. The largest search event around was again a big success with over 6000 visitors in the past three days. Tomorrow there will be workshops given in New York, but today the show officially ended. See here the pictures of SES New York 2010.

Eye Tracking Research Update: think about what you do with it

For many eyetracking research is new, for many others its the holy grail. It tells you where people are looking at. This can tell you a lot. The session about eye tracking therefor attracted a good crowd. The speakers all took a different angle at eyetracking research and what to do with it. It turned out to be a very informative session which didn’t just make eyetracking look perfect but gave hands on insights in how to use these studies.