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Paid Search Tips For Winning at eCommerce

26 February 2015

Paid Search (PPC) is a great source of eCommerce business. In this article Laura Phillips looks at tips to help you quickly and effectively improve your conversion rate.

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Majestic 3D Landscape Wireframe

Can Links Be Art? Majestic Partners With Artist Brendan Dawes

24 February 2015

Linkbuilding can be an artform, but one that exists only digitally. Until now. Majestic has commissioned 3D models representing a website's online link graph.

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Content Amplification - Taboola or Outbrain

Is Your Content Being Found? Taboola or Outbrain Could Help

23 February 2015

With so much content being produced, its hard for the content you produce to have cut through or be found. Using a content platform like Taboola or Outbrain may...

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Friday Commentary: Are you the Right Shape for Your Agency?

20 February 2015

The size of an agency matters less than the level of expertise it is able to offer. That observation remains important and true to every senior level marketer

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When a Bad Review is a Good Thing for your Business.

19 February 2015

In a world of user-generated content, a bad review can be a serious blow to your reputation. Wayne Denner explains how to handle negative customer reviews and how it...

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6 Brands that are killing it on Instagram - State of Digital

These 6 brands are killing it on Instagram and here’s why.

18 February 2015

Instagram is hot – there's no denying it. This relatively new social network has taken all picture snapping lovers by storm. Here are 6 brands that are absolutely winning...

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