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Be careful where you put your World Cup Vines

2 July 2014

ESPN orders Social Media users who posts footage of World Cup goals to take them down.

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my business

Navigating the new ‘Google My Business’ Places Dashboard

2 July 2014

 When Google My Business hit our computer screens mid-June it was an overnight change for many accounts. Minds were understandably boggled. For those who manage Google Places and Google...

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Selling through Twitter: Buy Now Button spotted

1 July 2014

Twitter is testing a 'buy now' button in the wild, will this work or will people not buy on Social Media?

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Did Google Stop showing Authorship Photos to benefit Google+?

30 June 2014

Did Google remove the Authorship Profile Pictures for another reason than they said? Were they after their own gain? Maybe.

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The Lounge Kittens

Getting Yourself Heard – a Case Study from the Music Industry

30 June 2014

How do you improve your brand`s chances of being heard online? Laura Phillips looks at three ladies who were thrown into the limelight and how they increased their online...

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Social Media Strategies Summit #SMSSummit – Learnt Lessons Day 2

27 June 2014

An overview of the talks presented at the Social Media Strategies Summit in Amsterdam, June 2014.

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