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Customer Journey

The Customer Journey

9 December 2014

Too often the effort of understanding customer needs is being glossed over. Claire Thompson reminds us of the value of understanding the customer journey.

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Friday Infographic: The Instagram Cheat Sheet: 14 Tips on how to Leverage your Presence

5 December 2014

Instagram is becoming an interesting platform for marketers. But how to make best use of it? Here are 14 tips!

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Finding and understanding your online audience

2 December 2014

First of all you’ll note that in the title I’ve said online audience as opposed to just audience – and this is something someone picked up on in my...

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Supercharge your Adwords Ads with Ad Customizers

1 December 2014

Get the most from your Adwords ad text this holiday season with Ad Customizers.

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5 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Infographics That Make your Head Spin

28 November 2014

Find out all you can about the digital marketing side of Black Friday and Cyber Monday with these 5 infographics.

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Brand Sentiment - Adoreboard

Brand Sentiment – The Future of SEO?

27 November 2014

Despite pervasive webspam, link signals remain the cornerstone of Google rankings. Can brand sentiment perhaps replace links? Barry Adams investigates.

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