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Marketing Decides Who Wins the World Cup

16 June 2014

Games in the World Cup are decided by a big influence of marketing. It's not the campaigns, but the outcome of marketing that decides who wins.

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Pinterest marketing

The Social PR Hit: The ins and outs of how to achieve social PR

16 June 2014

Social PR hits are sometimes overlooked when Digital PRs report. If you can report on the brand mention, the platforms they have been mentioned on and the size of...

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Friday Infographic: The psychology of Sharing

13 June 2014

As marketers we all want our content to be shared. Preferably with as many people as possible. For that reason it is good to understand the sharing principles.

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Reinvention In Digital Marketing Is Also Part State Of Mind

13 June 2014

Does change in markets and technology mean that marketers are ready to change, are prepared to change and, most importantly, have the skills to change? Andy Betts takes a...

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17 Quick Answers to Your Questions About the New ‘Google My Business’

12 June 2014

Google has created 'Google My Business' specifically for businesses to be visible on Google and to manage their profiles. Here's what its about. 17 answers to questions you might...

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Chinwag Psych

Lessons Learnt from Chinwag Psych

11 June 2014

Jo Turnbull attends Chinwag Psych London and discovers how much psychology and understanding your consumers impact marketing and sales.

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