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The Trends and Predictions for Digital PR in 2015

11 December 2014

Here are the key trends and predictions that every Digital PR needs to consider for the year ahead!

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Customer Journey

The Customer Journey

9 December 2014

Too often the effort of understanding customer needs is being glossed over. Claire Thompson reminds us of the value of understanding the customer journey.

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Semantic Web Graph

The Semantic Web: Business Models from a Marketing Perspective

8 December 2014

Why should you structure and share more data than just your Rich Snippet data? Read about multiple ways to commercially exploit the possibilities of the Semantic Web.

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Friday Infographic: The Instagram Cheat Sheet: 14 Tips on how to Leverage your Presence

5 December 2014

Instagram is becoming an interesting platform for marketers. But how to make best use of it? Here are 14 tips!

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who is driving my data

What I Learned About Content Marketing in 2014

3 December 2014

Jonathan shares lessons he learnt about Content marketing learnings from Eddy Moretti: Vice, Jonah Peretti: BuzzFeed & Marc Lefton: DiMassimo Goldstein at NewsCred’s 'Content Marketing Summit 2014'.

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Finding and understanding your online audience

2 December 2014

First of all you’ll note that in the title I’ve said online audience as opposed to just audience – and this is something someone picked up on in my...

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