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Friday Infographic: The Mobile Marketing Revolution

9 May 2014

A nice overview of the mobile marketing revolution: the timeline of mobile marketing and some pretty impressive usage statistics.

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Migrate Social Followers - State of Digital

Stop Paying Facebook – Migrate Your Social Fans into CRM

8 May 2014

Migrating your Facebook fans into your database, so you can target them with more relevant offers and content and lower your Facebook advertising costs.

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keep calm

Dealing with PPC “not provided”

8 May 2014

"Not provided" has come to PPC. Find out what this means for your campaigns and how to mitigate any loss of data.

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Rand Fishkin: “SEO can’t Operate well in a Silo Anymore”

7 May 2014

Bas van den Beld interviews Rand Fishkin on the State of Digital Marketing. With actionable tips, IMEC Lab research and much more

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Brand Concept Blackboard

Brand Names: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

7 May 2014

Choosing the right name for a business is vital. This post looks at some of the leading brands and the mistakes they made with the brand names and how...

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Hero Conf

Monday Afternoon #HeroConf Keynote Speaker Brad Geddes, Mobile Ad Testing

6 May 2014

Jasmine Aye recaps Brad Geddes presentation at HeroConf on proper ad testing for mobile users and how to consolidate metrics into easily reportable figures.

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