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Top 5 must have’s on a small PPC budget

Top 5 Must Haves on a Small PPC Campaign Budget

3 March 2014

Managing AdWords campaigns well is time consuming, but here is a list of things you should do even on a small budget. Eliminate ineffective keywords and ad groups This...

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Digital Marketing Research Publications for week 9 2014

2 March 2014

An overview of research published around the web around Digital Marketing topics. Week 9 of 2014.

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How Big is Majestic? It’s BIG!

28 February 2014

The tool Majestic is big, but how big is it really? This infographic gives you some idea of their size. And yes, it's BIG.

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Friday Commentary: Data Insights Or Cornflakes – What do you Base your Decisions on?

28 February 2014

An insight is actually a source of information and is not data points. It is obtained by the analysis of data that directly impacts the business. Analysts thrive on...

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whatsapp generation

What a Marketer must Understand from the Acquisition of WhatsApp

28 February 2014

Facebook strategically needed to be there where its former (and future) audience was going, apart setting the base for a further expansion in the emerging and rising economies, and...

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Content Scraper

The Rise of Content Scraping – is it Sharing or Stealing?

27 February 2014

State of Digital has seen many cases of its content being scraped and copied. Russell looks at the issue of content scraping and analyses the pros and cons.

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