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Case Study: Facebook Engagement, A Little Town Called Obermutten

29 August 2013 BY

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This case study describes how a little town in Switzerland managed to get a lot of engagement on their Facebook Page and consequently a lot of more tourism in their town.

Category: Facebook, Social Media
Target audience: Tourism, B2C
Who is this case study most fit for: Social (Media) Marketers, Strategists


A little town called Obermutten in the Graubünden area in Switzerland was looking for a way to extend their tourism. The small town with less than 80 residents decided to take the Social Media route. They opened up a Facebook page. On this Facebook Page they announced a motto: we take you personal. They announced they would print out the picture of everyone who would like the Facebook page and that they would answer each question.

In this video you can see the mayor of Obermutten putting up the first ten likes:

People picked it up and started liking the page and engaging with it. Because the town kept their promise by responding and by hanging up the likes they showed their commitment and it was rewarded. Soon they needed a new bulletin board and smaller pictures and now even the walls of the houses in Obermutten are plastered with Facebook pictures of fans. The Facebook page became the most successful page in Switzerland and Obermutten indeed got a lot more tourism. The town’s actions were also widely discussed in different media.

See for more results below.

Here’s a video describing the case:


Some statistics on the case:

Budget: Obermutten used 10,000 Swiss francs (which is about €8,300 , £ 7,000 or $11,000)
ROI: Obermutten made about  2.4 million Swiss francs media equivalent with new tourism and media attention
Reach: Obermutten now has over 60 million fans from 32 countries on every continent. The number of likes dropped when the interaction went slower. It had more Facebook fans than Saint Moritz, Helsinki and Florence
Activity: For a while Obermutten has the most active Facebook page in Switzerland
Engagement: 4 out of 5 fans interact with the page – including Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Coca Cola
Website traffic: The Obermutten tourism website saw an increase of +250% in traffic

Parties involved

The complete campaign was done by the mayor, the restaurant owner, with the help of the local residents.

Brands involved

There were no brands involved

What makes it unique?

This case is unique for a few reasons:

- The huge success for such a small town
– The relatively small investment made
– Obermutten stuck to their motto: making it personal and succeeded

References / Links

Facebook Page of Obermutten
Obermutten YouTube Page

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Bas van den Beld is a speaker, trainer and online marketing strategist. Bas is the founder of -- You can hire Bas to speak, train or consult.
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