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Articles about Advertising

Free Killer Tan

What Marketers Can Learn About Capturing Audience Attention From Prank-Style PSAs

11 May 2016

Lisa Lacy goes through how some nonprofits have been delivering their marketing message with shock via prank-style PSAs – and how marketers can broadly learn something from them about...

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facebook adwords

Facebook and AdWords: Better Together

20 April 2016

Tara West gives some amazing tips on how to combine both Google’s astounding reach and Facebook’s unparalleled targeting opportunities when used together - to unleash a new world of...

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Comedy Central Logo

What Marketers Can Learn About Millennials via The Comedy Brand of choice: Comedy Central

13 April 2016

Lisa Lacy takes a look at how successful Comedy Central is at targeting Millenials with its marketing and how it uses its omnichannel approach to be where its target...

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AdWords self-optimizing accounts demystified

30 March 2016

AdWords is clearly moving towards higher automated and keyword-less accounts, even if a full automatic long-lasting optimization is still yet to come. It is already possible to create...

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Facebook Canvas Ads

Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Canvas Ads

16 March 2016

Back in October 2015, Facebook announced it was testing a shiny new ad unit called Canvas ads. Those tests must have gone well, because Facebook Canvas ads are now...

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Gmail Ads Survey Results - State of Digital

Survey Results: The Adoption of Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSPs)

9 March 2016

The results from The Adoption of Gmail Sponsored Promotion Ads survey that we ran on State of Digital at the start of 2016.

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Could there be a new generator in the electric world of search?

25 February 2016

Search is like electricity, In what way? Cedric Chambaz talks to us about some of the developments in search technology.

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holidays search (2)

Google Ditching Paid RHS Ads – What You Need To Know

23 February 2016

Google are set to remove all right hand side ads this week. Why? What will the impact be? Find out what's been confirmed and what's still speculation in this...

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Facebook Ads for Ecommerce

How to Win at Facebook Ads for Ecommerce

17 February 2016

Facebook ads are also an invaluable format for ecommerce campaigns. A recent Facebook ads campaign we ran for a well known high-street retailer generated an ROI of over 300%*...

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Friday Infographic: 3 Smart KPIs to Check Your Adwords Account Optimization

5 February 2016

How is your Adwords account doing? Are you only spending or are you also making money? Maybe this infographic from Gianpaolo Lorusso might help.

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