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Could there be a new generator in the electric world of search?

25 February 2016

Search is like electricity, In what way? Cedric Chambaz talks to us about some of the developments in search technology.

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Google Ditching Paid RHS Ads – What You Need To Know

23 February 2016

Google are set to remove all right hand side ads this week. Why? What will the impact be? Find out what's been confirmed and what's still speculation in this...

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Facebook Ads for Ecommerce

How to Win at Facebook Ads for Ecommerce

17 February 2016

Facebook ads are also an invaluable format for ecommerce campaigns. A recent Facebook ads campaign we ran for a well known high-street retailer generated an ROI of over 300%*...

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Friday Infographic: 3 Smart KPIs to Check Your Adwords Account Optimization

5 February 2016

How is your Adwords account doing? Are you only spending or are you also making money? Maybe this infographic from Gianpaolo Lorusso might help.

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Facebook vs YouTube video

Is Facebook The Future of Video?

2 February 2016

Spending on digital video advertising is predicted increase over the next few years with spend in 2019 predicted to be almost double that of 2015 in the US. Increased...

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Gmail Ads

The Adoption of Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSPs)

28 January 2016

A look into how the take up of Gmail Sponsored Promotions has been slower than other products. This post includes a short survey and some GSP strategies too.

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Google Sponsored Promotions

The Ultimate Guide to Gmail Sponsored Promotions

20 January 2016

Tara West gives an indepth view of Google Sponsored Promotions (GSPs), what they are, how and when to use them. It certainly a tactic that you should consider in...

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What makes Paid Search so damn sexy?

14 January 2016

In a world where social, video and display have obvious appeal, paid search can appear dull. But what do you see when you look below the surface? Cedric Chambaz...

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A look at CES C Space 2016

12 January 2016

Marketing experts, brands, and agencies came together last week to collaborate at C Space CES 2016. This overview of C Space, the marketing and advertising section of CES, outlines...

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12 Quick Ways to Improve your Facebook Ads Today

6 January 2016

Are you running Facebook ads and wondering how you can make them work even better? Tara West gives you twelve easy tactics to improve the performance of your Facebook...

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