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Category Archives: Advertising

SEM Power Tools - SESlon

SES London Day 2 – SEM Power Tools Set: SEO & PPC #SESLon

13 February 2014

More coverage of SES London 2014, where Russell O'Sullivan summarises a session with Richard Baxter and Jasmin Aherns about the right tools for SEO and PPC.

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My AdWords wish list for 2014

4 February 2014

Many AdWords professionals spend a lot of time navigating the interface. In this post Haukur Jarl lists five wishes that would make AdWords easier to use.

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The Changing Landscape of Search – Expect More Bumpy Times Ahead

16 January 2014

Search is changing. Paid search was paid search, organic search was organic search. That’s not factually true actually for a while. Peter Young dives in.

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How to Improve Your AdWords Account Structure

7 January 2014

In his article, Haukur Jarl walks you through various ways you can structure your AdWords accounts with the aim of increasing your overall PPC performance.

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Unexpected Partnerships

The Benefits of Display Advertising for Search Marketing

2 December 2013

Annabel Hodges discusses the benefits of digital advertising and why search marketers should sit up and take notice when it comes to their search marketing campaigns.

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3 Useful Google things you may have missed

12 November 2013

Are you, like us, too busy to keep up with Google's latest improvements and new features? Here are 3 things you may have missed!

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SEA // Mobile Ads: From Click-To-Call & Beyond #SMX #SMXMilan

8 November 2013

Haukur reports from SMX Milan about the latest developments, tips and tricks on SEA and SEM matters.

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Amazing Paid Search Tactics & Tools

7 November 2013

Andrew Goodman, Brad Geddes and Sebastian Grebasch discuss paid search tactics and easy to use free and paid tools for Adwords / PPC.

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Google AdWords Auction Insights

How can you track competitors PPC spend?

5 November 2013

Businesses are always keen to know how much their competitors are spending, especially on PPC campaigns. Polly Pospelova looks at a few research options.

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AdWords Segments for Increased Performance

30 October 2013

Put data in perspective. AdWords Segments for Increased Performance

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