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YouTube Button

Mighty Mobile – The Power of YouTube Mobile Advertising In 2015

30 April 2015

With other advertising costs continuing to escalate, YouTube can provide a low cost way to increase brand awareness and reach potential new customers. Laura Phillips highlights the size of...

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Global Mobile Web Usage

International Mobile Internet: Is Mobile Growth A Global Phenomenon?

22 April 2015

Mobile is the hot topic in digital right now, so we take a look at the international mobile internet trends and how it impacts global businesses.

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What 5 Years in Russia Taught TripAdvisor About Russian Optimization and Yandex SEO

16 April 2015

Russia offers the highest European Internet population with 83 millions users and considerable upside with a 54% Internet penetration, but it also offer differences and a unique set of...

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product ratings

Google Shakes up Shopping with Product Ratings

9 April 2015

Product Ratings have finally made their way to Google Shopping. Arianne Donoghue explains how they work, why they're different from Seller Ratings and why you should take advantage of...

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Russia on globe

Four Big Reasons You Should Market in Russia

16 March 2015

This comprehensive review of the Russian Internet market outlines important information on internet use and penetration in addition to covering the search market share and digital advertising opportunities for...

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the end

Is it the end of PPC accounts as we know them?

2 March 2015

Adwords has seen huge changes in the last few years with the onset of Enhanced Campaigns and changes to our understanding of Quality Score. Is there more change on...

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Paid Search Tips For Winning at eCommerce

26 February 2015

Paid Search (PPC) is a great source of eCommerce business. In this article Laura Phillips looks at tips to help you quickly and effectively improve your conversion rate.

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PPC Masters

PPC Masters Conference

10 February 2015

Are you working in PPC and want tips on how to run the best campaign? Register for PPC Masters in Berlin to attend the conference and meet PPC professionals.

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3d english translation button on Computer Keyboard. Translating

The No-nos of Using Online Translators when entering a Foreign Market

9 February 2015

Translating can be one of the most challenging tasks of entering an foreign market. Online translators further hinder the process by creating inaccurate site content, keyword lists, ad...

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Supercharge your Adwords Ads with Ad Customizers

1 December 2014

Get the most from your Adwords ad text this holiday season with Ad Customizers.

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