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Articles about Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Income

Easy Ways for Digital Marketers to Supplement Their Income

15 October 2015

This post from Gordon Campbell looks at ways that marketers have used their digital marketing knowledge and experience to make some additional income.

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The Vlogger – How to Choose the Perfect YouTube Collaboration for Your Brand

13 November 2014

Collaborating with vloggers can happen in a variety of ways and it doesn't need to be a simple review or product feature. This blog post details on what...

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How to do PR without a Press Release

26 May 2014

Until recent years, the humble press release used to be an important piece of ammo to a PR’s arsenal. Nowadays, PR doesn't need to be dictated by a sharply...

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Top 5 must have’s on a small PPC budget

Top 5 Must Haves on a Small PPC Campaign Budget

3 March 2014

Managing AdWords campaigns well is time consuming, but here is a list of things you should do even on a small budget. Eliminate ineffective keywords and ad groups This...

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Google and Affiliates: A Love – Hate Relationship

11 January 2012

Infographic from SEOBook gives a nice inside into the relationship between Google and Affiliates.

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Tackling fraud & compliance in Performance Marketing

7 June 2011

Some affiliate networks are not very keen on giving information about how they avoid fraud. Some people say they are not doing enough to tackle fraud, because indirectly they...

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A4U Expo Europe 2011 Preview – Munich Edition

6 June 2011

I’ll be heading out for A4U Expo Europe in a bit and thought it’ll be nice to give a quick overview on this years’ edition. The event will take...

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