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Articles about Business


Boosting your Client Relationships

5 September 2016

Are you looking for a way to improve your client relationships? Hannah Thorpe shares her tips on building the right way for clients and agencies to work together.

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basic forms of communication - the early telephone tin can

5 Reasons You Need to Consider Using Chatbots for Business

24 August 2016

Chatbots are at the foreground within marketing and digital news. In this post Lee Wilson explores the top 5 reasons why business need to start thinking about incorporating chatbots...

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How to get stakeholders on board with your campaign

4 August 2016

It can be hard to convince stakeholders to do new things or operate in a different way. Get some tips on effective strategies to get buy-in from Hannah Butcher.

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10 Open Data APIs Built By Brands To Use In Your Content Campaigns

2 August 2016

Pete Campbell provides examples of how brands are building open data APIs as part of their strategy to secure natural visibility across third-party apps.

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7 Essential Elements to a Brand DNA Piece

1 August 2016

Brand is hugely important for any company. A strong brand distinguishes you from your competitors, acts as a mark of consistency and quality, and ensures that everyone within your...

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Online Reputation Insurance

Businesses Can Now Insure Against the Risk of Social Media

29 June 2016

Wayne Denner looks how AIG is offering underwriting insurance to companies which will allow them insurance protection against the risks of social media and other online crisis. Wayne shares...

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Juggling balls image

How Many Clients is Too Many? A Look at the Industry

24 May 2016

“Can you believe it?” my friend – a fellow SEO – asked me, referring to an SEO freelancer that we’d just spoken to at an event. “He’s currently juggling...

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business baby

Marketing to Marketers

16 May 2016

Advising a client on their marketing strategy is a big step from running your own marketing. Here's how to connect with other skeptical marketers.

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Digital Sales Pitch

Do’s & Don’ts When Pitching Your Digital Services

18 April 2016

Read about some do's and don'ts when pitching your digital service from someone who has worked both agency and client side.

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How to Communicate Effectively With Your Clients and Colleagues

12 April 2016

Effective communication is key to a successful business relationship. Paul Hunter explains how you can utilise the DISC system to learn how to become an effective communicator within your...

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