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Juggling balls image

How Many Clients is Too Many? A Look at the Industry

24 May 2016

“Can you believe it?” my friend – a fellow SEO – asked me, referring to an SEO freelancer that we’d just spoken to at an event. “He’s currently juggling...

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business baby

Marketing to Marketers

16 May 2016

Advising a client on their marketing strategy is a big step from running your own marketing. Here's how to connect with other skeptical marketers.

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Digital Sales Pitch

Do’s & Don’ts When Pitching Your Digital Services

18 April 2016

Read about some do's and don'ts when pitching your digital service from someone who has worked both agency and client side.

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How to Communicate Effectively With Your Clients and Colleagues

12 April 2016

Effective communication is key to a successful business relationship. Paul Hunter explains how you can utilise the DISC system to learn how to become an effective communicator within your...

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Web Security for Digital Marketers: How to Discover Site Issues

24 March 2016

Security is an aspect of the web that digital marketers increasingly need to take ownership of. Here Barry Adams outlines some basic web security tools and methods.

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Tools for digital consultants

12 Tools And Recommendations For Digital Consultants

22 March 2016

Another listicle post (a short-form of writing that uses a list as its thematic structure, but is fleshed out with sufficient copy to be published as an article) instead...

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Red pandas high fiving (yes, this could very well be the best image alt text ever...)

Identify your Best and Worst Clients with the Assessment Chart

8 March 2016

Whether you’re a solo freelancer or a manager of an agency, client acquisition is so important to get right. You want clients who suit you and your way of...

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Online Reputation

Why Online Reputation Training is Important for Staff

3 February 2016

Online Reputation is fast becoming the currency or revenue of many businesses. What is being said about your small business, large corporation or public sector organisation online, via social...

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How to help your clients increase revenue & keep them happy in 2016

21 January 2016

Gordon Campbell looks at ways to improve the performance of your client’s digital marketing campaigns in 2016 through analysis, testing, personalisation and more!

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How a Hacked Website Led To a Wrongful Google Penalty

18 January 2016

A case study of Google penalising a website for cloaking code that was the result of a security breach, and was fixed within 4 hours. Yet Google still penalised...

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