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Keywords Are Dead – Long Live Concepts, Entities & Audiences! – #SMX London Day 1

21 May 2015

Insights from Kirsty Hulse, Mike King and Dixon Jones at SMX London about the changes in searching behaviour, including voice search, entities and concepts. Brought to you by Jan-Willem...

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Confirmed: Searchenginewatch, SES and ClickZ sold to Blenheim Chalcot

21 April 2015

Conference organiser of SES/ClickZ and publisher of Clickz and Searchenginewatch is sold.

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The State of Digital recruitment: not much has changed in 5 years

17 April 2015

It may seem as if digital recruitment has changed a lot in the past few years, it actually hasn't, claims Laurent Boninfante.

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What is SEO and what it is not. A rant

26 March 2015

It's time for a rant in defense of SEO. Too many people talk about what SEO is, without really knowing it. It is time to dot the I's and...

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Why You Can’t Afford to Miss Digital Marketing Events in 2015

24 March 2015

It can be difficult to allocate time to attend the digital marketing events. Jo Turnbull explains why you should try and spend at least one evening or one...

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Friday Commentary: Are you the Right Shape for Your Agency?

20 February 2015

The size of an agency matters less than the level of expertise it is able to offer. That observation remains important and true to every senior level marketer

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When a Bad Review is a Good Thing for your Business.

19 February 2015

In a world of user-generated content, a bad review can be a serious blow to your reputation. Wayne Denner explains how to handle negative customer reviews and how it...

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investing in discovery

Craft, Customers & Critics: Investing in Discovery

16 February 2015

Do you and your teams have enough information gathered in discovery to make good choices about digital marketing strategies to support your business objectives? Whether you're part of an...

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Do You Have the Right To Be Forgotten?

7 January 2015

The 'Right To Be Forgotten' brings up Privacy Issues - do want to have the right to remember?

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Best of 2014: No 9: The Semantic Web: Business Models from a Marketing Perspective

5 January 2015

Why should you structure and share more data than just your Rich Snippet data? Read about multiple ways to commercially exploit the possibilities of the Semantic Web.

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