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Pitching: what is the difference between success and failure?

11 September 2015

How does pitching work? What are considerations from brands? Is all the work agencies put into it the right work? Does it help? Help us find out and get...

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Disaster avoidance for small website owners

10 September 2015

Having your own website can open up a world of opportunity for many small website owners but it comes with its own set of risks. Mat Bennett talks you...

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client frustrations

The Biggest Client Frustrations Working With Agencies

25 August 2015

In the second of this two-part series Laura takes a look at some of the top frustrations clients have when working with agencies, adding her helpful solutions for each.

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Heart painting image

How to Get Clients Invested, Passionate and Playing to their Strengths

18 August 2015

It can be hard to get clients fully engaged with digital marketing. In this post Steve Morgan shows a few examples of how you can get clients excited and...

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why you need a cdo

SEO TO CDO: Why you need a Digital Marketer in a top position within your business

13 August 2015

How do you have a first-mover advantage in an ever-changing digital world? In his first post for State of Digital, Gordon Campbell talks us through the value a CDO...

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Google - Gatekeeper of the Internet

The Problem With Google’s Mission

12 August 2015

Google's mission is to make the world's information accessible and useful. But has the way it's gone about this damaged the production of new information? Has the content creation...

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Google reorganises, creates ‘Alphabet’ holding company

11 August 2015

The news of Google's planned restructuring and the creation of the Alphabet holding company has surprised everyone. So what's the deal? Let us explain the ins and outs and...

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The biggest agency frustrations working with clients

21 July 2015

Laura explores some of the top frustrations agency bods say they face when working with clients. A two-part series on client/agency frustrations.

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Cedric Chambaz - Bing Ads - Voice Search

Voice search: music to an advertiser’s ear

16 July 2015

As voice search grows in usage, what do we need to think about as advertisers? Cedric Chambaz talks us through what you can do to capitalise on the trend.

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Defining Digital Marketing

7 July 2015

Digital marketing is being defined in many different ways. How can we leverage digital marketing framework to align on the definition and execution of digital?

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