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Articles about Content Marketing


Customer journey analysis and search scenarios

30 May 2016

If we are able to anticipate what that information should be, our Web sites will be optimized not only to be findable in a much wider range of keywords...

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What Makes Content Shareable? A Donald Trump Analysis

18 April 2016

Jack Telford reviews the top 50 most shared stories about Donald Trump, analysing the common features which could have led to their success. Find out all the details on...

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content is king snap

What the hell is Content?

14 April 2016

No stupidest phrase exists in marketing than "Content is King". Gianluca Fiorelli explains what Content really is and presents actionable examples.

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SOD- pornhub-insights-united-kingdom-divided-cover

What Should We Learn from Pornhub’s Marketing?

6 April 2016

Jodie Harries shows us why Pornhubs marketing activity carries on being successful, taking what can be considered a risqué brand vertical into the mainstream land of advertising, competing with...

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Facebook Canvas Ads

Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Canvas Ads

16 March 2016

Back in October 2015, Facebook announced it was testing a shiny new ad unit called Canvas ads. Those tests must have gone well, because Facebook Canvas ads are now...

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Using Data Miner to Generate Content Ideas – A Practical Guide

14 March 2016

Jack explains how using a tool called Data Miner can give valuable insights into the mind of your customer, and how these can be used to generate content ideas....

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Friday Talk: House of Cards’ Kevin Spacey on Content Marketing

4 March 2016

House of Cards' lead actor Kevin Spacey keynotes Content Marketing World in 2014. Watch it here.

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Digital PR process, Content

How Content is Changing the Digital PR Process

2 March 2016

Jodie Harris takes a look at how content is flipping the way Digital PR looks at campaign design, the sites that are sold into and even the process, from...

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Friday Infographic: How To Promote Your Blog Post

26 February 2016

So you've written your amazing blog post. But now what? How to get people to read it?

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Why there is more to PRing a tech start up than you might think

25 February 2016

There is more to PRing a tech start up than just exposure or acquiring new customers. But what do you need to know? James Crawford tells you more.

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