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Keywords Are Dead – Long Live Concepts, Entities & Audiences! – #SMX London Day 1

21 May 2015

Insights from Kirsty Hulse, Mike King and Dixon Jones at SMX London about the changes in searching behaviour, including voice search, entities and concepts. Brought to you by Jan-Willem...

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Back to Basics - State of Digital

Back to basics when creating content

13 April 2015

We know the importance of content for your site and your users, but its seemingly become a trend that some of the basics of framing content has been overlooked....

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Google Analytics - State of Digital

Build Implicit Analytics Into Your Site Architecture to Better Understand Users

9 April 2015

Jonathan Allen explains how a site redesign represents a huge strategic opportunity to run your online business more effectively. It’s an opportunity to better understand your users on site...

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Should SEO Get a New Name?

How Language Transforms: Should “SEO” Get a New Name?

8 April 2015

SEO is responsible for a great deal of brand traffic and revenue. It's become more than "Search Engine Optimization". Should "SEO" get a new a name?

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Stay Focused

5 Techniques to Ensure Your Content is User Focused

24 March 2015

A lot of content is written without proper thought about who the content is for. Daniel talks about how you can ensure your content is user focused, with a...

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Russia on globe

Four Big Reasons You Should Market in Russia

16 March 2015

This comprehensive review of the Russian Internet market outlines important information on internet use and penetration in addition to covering the search market share and digital advertising opportunities for...

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6 Tools You Should be Using to Inspire Your Content

10 March 2015

Are you struggling to come up with content ideas? In this post Daniel Bianchini outlines you 6 tools to use to get those creative juices flowing.

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Content Amplification - Taboola or Outbrain

Is Your Content Being Found? Taboola or Outbrain Could Help

23 February 2015

With so much content being produced, its hard for the content you produce to have cut through or be found. Using a content platform like Taboola or Outbrain may...

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someecard- content marketing

Content Marketing and Digital PR – And how they work together

4 February 2015

Understanding the relationship between content marketing and PR, they both live side by side in the digital world - content marketing is the creation of the story and PR...

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Friday Commentary: Why failing to Entertain may Mean Entertaining Failure

30 January 2015

Hannah Smith talks about entertainment in Content Marketing and looks at Fairmount Bagel Bakery's approach.

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