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Category Archives: Content Marketing


How to Find Your Competitors Best Content (and Steal their Links)

17 April 2014

URLProfiler is a new piece of software that's guaranteed to save you a huge amount of time. Here's just one example of how to use it...

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The Psychology Of Online Sharing: ZMOT and The Ad Spend Fragmentation

14 April 2014

In my last post, we discussed different sharing personas and the foundation of human motivations, so I would now like to take a look at the fragmented nature of...

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Reading Glasses

5 Easy, Text-Only Tricks To Get Your Articles Read

9 April 2014

A compelling headline or image may get you a click, but most people don't read much more than that. Use word-based tactics to compel them to keep reading.

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Lessons in Branded Content to Deliver Beauty for All: The L’Oreal Experience

4 April 2014

L'Oreal shares its strategy for creating content to help their consumers research and purchase beauty products. Discover their strategy and how it has generated great results.

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Marcus Tober

High Quality Link Building With Content Marketing – Who Actually Gets The Top Links? #SMX

27 March 2014

Marcus Tober and Markus Hövener present at SMX Munich looking at high quality link building with content marketing.

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Complete guide to Transmedia Storytelling

The complete guide to Transmedia Storytelling

26 March 2014

Every day in our Feedly or Twitter or Facebook or G+ appears a post about how to create relevant content for our website but how do your content noticed...

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The Psychology Of Online Sharing – The 5 Primary Motivations & The 6 Online Sharing Personas

17 March 2014

Clarissa Sajbl shares with us the second part of her 'Psychology of Online Sharing' blog post series. This post looks at what actually really motivates people to share content...

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Content Marketing Strategy for Professionals

Book Review: Content Marketing Strategies for Professionals

11 March 2014

In this book review Barry Adams shares his thoughts about a new book from Bruce Clay and Murray Newlands: Content Marketing Strategies for Professionals.

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Friday Commentary: Beverly Hills 90210 & Belonging – Content that Lets People Define Themselves

7 March 2014

An exploration of how and why content that allows us to define ourselves feeds our need to belong. Includes a photo of Luke Perry. You are welcome.

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Content Scraper

The Rise of Content Scraping – is it Sharing or Stealing?

27 February 2014

State of Digital has seen many cases of its content being scraped and copied. Russell looks at the issue of content scraping and analyses the pros and cons.

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