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who is driving my data

What I Learned About Content Marketing in 2014

3 December 2014

Jonathan shares lessons he learnt about Content marketing learnings from Eddy Moretti: Vice, Jonah Peretti: BuzzFeed & Marc Lefton: DiMassimo Goldstein at NewsCred’s 'Content Marketing Summit 2014'.

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Finding and understanding your online audience

2 December 2014

First of all you’ll note that in the title I’ve said online audience as opposed to just audience – and this is something someone picked up on in my...

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Stop Using the Wrong Metrics to Measure Content

25 November 2014

Too often the value of content is judged purely on its social shares. Yet we need to measure the true added value to your business, as Andy Miller explains.

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Brand Bags Represent Brands, Marketing, and Labels

Brand-focused Content Marketing for the Finance Industry

24 November 2014

Page one domination is important, especially in industries like finance where customers research a brand first before they make a purchase. This post contains examples of content pieces and...

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What if I told you

How to naturally earn links through PayPal

19 November 2014

When your content isn't getting the traction you want, why not use paid promotion channels to win more exposure and earn links? Kirsty Hulse explains.

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How Do We Get Back to Honest Promotion?

11 November 2014

This is not my typical post. It’s not meant to teach you something, but it might. This is an honest request for feedback and discussion about digital promotion. I feel...

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The new MSN homepage and portal

The New and Improved MSN Homepage

30 September 2014

State of Digital take a look at the newly designed MSN content portal that is being rolled out, take a look at the new shiny features

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6 Steps to Creating Blockbuster Content!

24 September 2014

What content marketing will do - if done correctly - will gradually improve your brand visibility, traffic and revenue.

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In-depth Articles in Google UK

In-Depth Articles hits the UK

4 August 2014

Twitter and Facebook have been a flurry the last few days in the UK with the introduction of "In-depth Articles" into Google's search results. However this isn't a new...

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Tips for Managing a Company or Group Blog

28 July 2014

Getting the most out of your company or group blog can be tough. This post contains a number of tips to help you achieve your goals and objectives.

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