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Articles about Display Advertising


Digital Display: What is Viewability and Why Does it Matter?

4 May 2016

Russell O'Sullivan gives an overview of Viewability - a key metric for Digital Display Advertising, what it means, when to use it and how it's changing display media...

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Facebook Canvas Ads

Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Canvas Ads

16 March 2016

Back in October 2015, Facebook announced it was testing a shiny new ad unit called Canvas ads. Those tests must have gone well, because Facebook Canvas ads are now...

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Gmail Ads Survey Results - State of Digital

Survey Results: The Adoption of Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSPs)

9 March 2016

The results from The Adoption of Gmail Sponsored Promotion Ads survey that we ran on State of Digital at the start of 2016.

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Brand Storytelling and Sequential Advertising

Brand Storytelling with Sequential Advertising on Facebook

26 August 2015

Brand storytelling and sequential advertising can be used for brand perception or awareness, as well as direct response conversion campaigns. Tara West gives an overview of how to use...

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Treat banned publishers claims with about this much salt

Do AdSense really ban publishers for using Facebook ads?

30 July 2015

A spate of Adsense account bans has left many scared to use Facebook as a way to drive traffic . How big is the risk? Mat Bennett talks us...

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Russia on globe

Four Big Reasons You Should Market in Russia

16 March 2015

This comprehensive review of the Russian Internet market outlines important information on internet use and penetration in addition to covering the search market share and digital advertising opportunities for...

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Super CMO

Everything a CMO Must Know About the Digital Marketing Landscape

8 July 2014

It can be very hard to bring classic marketing CMOs on board with digital marketing. Here are some aspects of digital marketing that you can use to create buy-in...

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5 Reasons to Try Facebook Advertising for the First Time

4 June 2014

Not tried Facebook Advertising Yet? Here are handy 5 tips to get you started...

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Display Advertising Demystified: Part 2 #HEROCONF

9 May 2014

Jasmine Aye attended a HeroConf breakout session with Matt Van Wagner discussing how to create better display advertising campaigns to generate great results.

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#HEROCONF Display Advertising Demystified: Part 1

1 May 2014

Jasmine Aye attended John Lee's HeroConf breakout session on Tuesday about how we can all get a little more specific with our display advertising.

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