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Articles about E-mail

Email Marketing | Image credits: Mathyas Kurmann

What’s wrong with Email Marketing today

6 September 2016

Email is still a powerful marketing tool, but it is abused too often. Irina Nica shows how you can properly use email marketing to reach your audience.

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Friday Talk: What Happens when you Reply to spam E-mail?

18 March 2016

We have all thought it. What if I respond to spam e-mail...? What could happen? This is what would happen.

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3 Ways to Segment Your Email Marketing Audience for Better Engagement

10 April 2015

Effective digital marketing requires standing out from the noise. The experts on Madison Avenue estimate that we’re exposed to an average of 5000 branded messages every day, and to...

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Email v Social Media

What drives more traffic to your site, Email or Social Media?

26 November 2014

When it comes to driving website visitors, which channel is more effective: email or social media? Russell O'Sullivan looks at the pros and cons of both.

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Grow Your Email List

How To Write a Marketing Email

16 October 2014

I doubt there’s many people in the world with an email account who don’t receive at least 3 marketing emails every single day. But what factors decide whether recipients...

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Thumbs Up

8 Easy Steps To Comply with (Canada’s) New Anti-Spam Law

15 July 2014

There is a new anti-spam law which requires express consent to send electronic messages. Here are 8 steps to comply.

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Super CMO

Everything a CMO Must Know About the Digital Marketing Landscape

8 July 2014

It can be very hard to bring classic marketing CMOs on board with digital marketing. Here are some aspects of digital marketing that you can use to create buy-in...

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White Paper: 2014 Guide to Inspired E-mail Marketing

13 March 2014

How is your e-mail marketing going? A whitepaper guide, providing insights and tips on where you should be focusing your email marketing efforts in 2014.

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Productive Marketing: 3 Steps to a Tidy Inbox

13 January 2014

Arienne Holland shares her tips and tricks to creating a tidy inbox once and for all, in a few easy steps.

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How to Win at Email Lead Generation On Any Budget

11 December 2013

The once forgotten digital medium of Email, has been making a huge resurgence in recent times. Find out 5 top methods to help acquire new leads today!

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