Articles around specific events covered by State of Digital

Web Summit is… HUGE

Gianpaolo recently attended the Web Summit, where there were around 50,000 attendees, which is mind boggling as an event goes outside of sport. He describes what he saw and how it could benefit others, especially those starting out and potential Start Ups looking for VC funds.

Conversion Jam Rocks

Gianpaolo Lorusso recently attended Conversion Jam – focused on your conversion rate optimisation strategies and shares some of the highlevel take outs from the day.

YES: Yandex Expert Summit 2016

An overview of the first annual Yandex Expert Summit, an event organized to offer international digital advertisers and Yandex certified experts continuing education on advertising in Russia and Yandex products. Attendees learned from Yandex top managers and product developers during presentations and networking throughout the two-day event.