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Articles about Marketing

Bing Cedric Chambaz Connected Cows

Unlocking creative big data: the greener pastures of cloud-based data infrastructure

20 October 2016

An article by Cedric Chambaz for State of Digital: Unlock the creative potential of big data with machine learning, AI and a touch of left field thinking.

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Example marketing board digital strategy 2017

Top Tips for Creating your Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy for 2017

28 September 2016

Thinking about your business marketing plans for 2017? Now is the perfect time for planning and refining your 2017 digital marketing strategy! Before putting pen to paper (or more...

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The Inbounder - Valencia

Building a network: taking offline connections online

14 September 2016

Gustavo Pelogia gives some advice around how to connect with like minded people at events and how to keep in touch after the event is over to build longer...

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2016 Ecommerce Study - Google Still Dominates

New Ecommerce Study Reveals Google Still Dominates

13 September 2016

A new ecommerce study from Wolfgang Digital shows that Google traffic still dominates, mobile visits are on the rise, and site speed has a big impact on your conversion...

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Speakers Corner: How I hacked online dating

9 September 2016

how different is a search for a partner to a search for a perfect client? In both cases, you need to understand who you are targeting,

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7 Essential Elements to a Brand DNA Piece

1 August 2016

Brand is hugely important for any company. A strong brand distinguishes you from your competitors, acts as a mark of consistency and quality, and ensures that everyone within your...

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Friday Infographic: The Success of Zalando

29 July 2016

An example of a successful eCommerce website is without a doubt Zalando. They have grown like crazy in the last few years. An overview of how.

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Taking digital offline: Lessons in SEO from the high street

25 July 2016

Just how does the high street impact Google updates? Understanding the search results are your very own shopfront can help for predicting the future of SEO. Hannah Thorpe shows...

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Friday Talk: Cara Harshman – Online Personalization that Actually Works

8 July 2016

We all want to personalize the experience online. But how? Cara Harshman shines many lights on this at Mozcon 2015.

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What Google Trends Tells Us About Brexit, People & Politics

30 June 2016

What can we learn from Google Trends about people's voting patterns in the aftermath of the Brexit? Adam Mason examines Brexit & past elections to find out

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