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Articles about Mobile

"Herne, Germany - March 8th 2012: Google Android mascot shot on white, frontal view, greeting."

Android Antitrust Cases in the EU and Russia: Updates & Overview

26 September 2016

Overview of Android antitrust cases in the EU and Russia, outlining the events, investigations, and impact of the cases on the mobile market in Russia and overall Internet ecosystem....

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Mobile Phone User

Accelerated Mobile Pages – The Latest

11 August 2016

Since It's Launch, Accelerated Mobile Pages Have Developed Significantly. Discover What AMP Changes Google's Latest Announcement Will Bring.

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Google’s Bigger Plan For The Mobile Web: Firebase, Deep Linking & Instant Apps

28 June 2016

Pete Campbell shares his thoughts on what Firebase Analytics, Deep Linking, and Instant Apps tell us about where the mobile web is heading.

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mobile commerce myths

Five Mobile Commerce Myths Debunked

23 March 2016

Mobile Commerce is growing at a rapid pace, and Joana Ferreira explores the top five most common mobile commerce myths.

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What is mobile-friendly? A look from the user perspective

17 March 2016

Mobile-friendly. We all obsess around getting our websites ready. But it's more than just optimising the website. A look into what you need to understand.

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Could there be a new generator in the electric world of search?

25 February 2016

Search is like electricity, In what way? Cedric Chambaz talks to us about some of the developments in search technology.

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Trafford Housing Trust website

We explored the user experience of some of the biggest third sector websites, and it’s not great news

21 January 2016

Given the importance of the web in every day life, and the prevalence of mobile, you might think that charities would make the most of the opportunities to engage...

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2016 Digital Marketing Predictions - State of Digital Bloggers

The Digital Marketing Crystal Ball – 7 Predictions for 2016!

8 December 2015

As always in the digital marketing industry, 2015 has been another year of change. With new tools, algorithm updates, customer behaviour changes and the shift to a more user...

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Unwrapping European seasonal search trends with #BingAds

23 November 2015

Let's talk about Christmas! Cedric Chambaz talks through the seasonal trends for Christmas shopping across Europe & what you need to know for your campaigns.

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6 Developments that Suggest Technical SEO is not Dead

27 July 2015

The web changes, but people will always use Search! How can SEO ever become superfluous? As a marketeer we need to be on top of the latest developments.

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