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Articles about PR

Lose the chance

How to lose a blogger from one email

25 August 2016

Hannah Butcher explores the reasons that bloggers will avoid your both your email and working with the brand you are representing.

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SOD- pornhub-insights-united-kingdom-divided-cover

What Should We Learn from Pornhub’s Marketing?

6 April 2016

Jodie Harries shows us why Pornhubs marketing activity carries on being successful, taking what can be considered a risqué brand vertical into the mainstream land of advertising, competing with...

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Digital PR process, Content

How Content is Changing the Digital PR Process

2 March 2016

Jodie Harris takes a look at how content is flipping the way Digital PR looks at campaign design, the sites that are sold into and even the process, from...

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The Converging Worlds of Digital PR and SEO

29 February 2016

An integrated digital marketing strategy has become essential to the success of nearly every brand's online presence. It's no longer a sustainable option to focus on one element of...

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Why there is more to PRing a tech start up than you might think

25 February 2016

There is more to PRing a tech start up than just exposure or acquiring new customers. But what do you need to know? James Crawford tells you more.

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How are brands using VR?

24 February 2016

It’s been widely hailed as one of the top trends for 2016, but just what does the realm of virtual reality mean for brands and how should they be...

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PR Inspired Link Acquisition Techniques for SEO

11 February 2016

This blog post from Gordon Campbell explains how to generate a large number of high quality backlinks to your website using PR lead link acquisition techniques.

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Reciprocity and Digital Content Seeding

17 December 2015

Gordon Campbell shares some useful tips on how you can increase the chances that your digital content will be successful using the principle of reciprocity.

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SOD- Creative imagery Nail

Why Your Imagery is Affecting Your Digital PR Results

9 December 2015

When thinking of selling a story, always think about what imagery will look the best and what imagery does that website favour, a little research when building your press...

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=SOD- Good Skills

The Cliches You Need to Avoid When Recruiting Digital PR

7 October 2015

Jodie Harris gives some great insight of what do to when recruiting for a Digital PR. The recruiting landscape is a minefield, there are so many cliches to avoid...

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