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Guest Posting in 2018 – Does It Still Work?

Are you struggling to create linkable guest blogs as part of your SEO strategy in 2018? In this post, Alex Jones from Hallam identifies five successful characteristics of a guest blog that have helped generate over 140 backlinks from February to April 2018 by our earned media team.

Hourly Rank Tracking – One Year On

A year ago Chris Green tweeted an image of what the top 100 search results looked like when tracked hourly. Many thought it was ‘kinda cool’ at the time and the tool has been developed significantly since.

Study: state of mobile page speed in Ireland

This study from April 2018 shows how well the 100 most popular websites in Ireland perform when it comes to mobile speed. With the homepage taken as a benchmark and compare how they perform against Google’s recommendations on speed, page size, requests and more.

URLs, Crawling, and PageRank; Fundamentals of SEO

URLs are the foundation of the web. Many aspects of usability and search engine crawling and ranking focus on URLs. In this post, Barry Adams explains some of the elements that make URLs so important and why you shouldn’t ignore good URLs for your website.

Getting Your Link Profile on Point in 2018

A backlink profile accounts for the vast majority of a site’s ranking according to Google’s algorithm. Here, Alex Jones of Hallam Internet takes you through the importance of a varied link profile and runs through the elements to consider when building a diverse backlink profile.