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Articles about Search Engine Optimisation


Why Google celebrates its 18th birthday, not on its birthday

27 September 2016

On Google’s homepage today, Google is celebrating their own birthday. But it's not really their birthday! Find out why.

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Let’s Talk Voice Search

15 September 2016

Voice search is the fastest growing type of search at present. We take a look at what it entails and how we can optimise for this growing trend.

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HREFlang sitemaps in Search Console

HREFbuilder: Making HREFlang sitemaps a little bit easier

12 September 2016

Read our review of the HREFbuilder tool which is designed to help you generate correct HREFlang sitemaps for your international and multilingual websites.

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HTTPS Migration – What You Need To Know & How We Did It

8 September 2016

Google is encouraging webmasters to upgrade to HTTPS sooner rather than later but there's potentially lots that can go wrong. Minimise the risk with this handy checklist and case...

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Friday Infographic: SEO Cheat Sheet for Website Relaunches

2 September 2016

How often have we seen a website relaunch go bust because SEO wasn't on the agenda? Here's a cheat sheet to use!

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Moz Blog   SEO and Inbound Marketing Blog   Moz

Of Moz and the State of Industry

1 September 2016

What we can learn about the State of SAAS search industry from the Moz "doubling down on Search"? Moz Associate Gianluca Fiorelli gives us his view.

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4 Ways to Use Screaming Frog’s Custom Feature

23 August 2016

Daniel Bianchini shows you four ways to use Screaming Frog's SEO Spider custom feature to perform detailed SEO analyses on your websites.

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The 10 commandments of local SEO landing pages

18 August 2016

An often essential - yet sometimes feared strategy for small, local businesses is the creation of ‘local landing pages’. Unlike brick-and-mortar premises pages, local landing pages are designed...

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Coworkers featured image

Collaborative Link Building: Tips and Tools for Working Better with Clients

9 August 2016

Recently Linkdex’s Jono Alderson (@jonoalderson) wrote an excellent piece about how SEO agencies should better serve clients. Here are a few snapshot takeaways from the post: “Brands should consider...

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SEO Conclusions With Google Analytics

8 August 2016

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not a black box or a secret sauce. It is about learning, doing, more learning and more doing. Find out how to measure the...

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