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Articles about Search Engine Optimisation

Bing Shopping Cedric Chambaz ecommerce

Ecommerce in France – What You Need To Know Right Now

21 April 2016

Bing Ads research on French ecommerce behaviours and usage of search in buying decision process. Trends, Statistics, insights and new ad formats, presented by Cedric Chambaz.

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Screaming Frog Log File Analyser

Screaming Frog Log File Analyser – The New Must-Have SEO Tool

12 April 2016

The latest tool from Screaming Frog is a log file analyser that allows you to combine log file data with any other set of URL data for meaningful analysis.

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Should Google be trying to control our decision-making?

11 April 2016

Search Engines, and in particular, Google, have a massive impact in our lives. We utilise these services regularly, so to some extent we must all be influenced by Google,...

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Friday Talk: How Google Works – Ranking Engineer’s Perspective

1 April 2016

At SMX West Google's Paul Haahr talked about how Google works, from a ranking engineer's perspective. Full video here.

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Spider Trap Banner

Spider Traps: An SEO issue that even Google suffers from..

17 March 2016

Spider traps can dramatically decrease your website's ranking potential - Gordon Campbell explains how to spot them and how to resolve them.

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The Business of SEO

SEO Audit: 13 Steps to a Better Website

16 March 2016

Ready to take over search engine rankings and get into the top positions for specific search terms? Not so fast. Before you start optimizing your website, it is advisable...

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Friday Infographic: Google Changes: The Old Days vs The New Days

11 March 2016

It used to be simple, optimising your SEO for Google. These days, you need to take into account many different things. The changes are brought together in this infographic.

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UX forget all you know

How the Quest for Good UX Can Lead to Great SEO

10 March 2016

Great things can happen you consider user experience and SEO together. Design and user intent help to shed light on the ideal customer experience. Briony Gunson talks us through...

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The Converging Worlds of Digital PR and SEO

29 February 2016

An integrated digital marketing strategy has become essential to the success of nearly every brand's online presence. It's no longer a sustainable option to focus on one element of...

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Could there be a new generator in the electric world of search?

25 February 2016

Search is like electricity, In what way? Cedric Chambaz talks to us about some of the developments in search technology.

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