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Articles about Search Engine Optimisation

Content Marketing Strategy for Professionals

Book Review: Content Marketing Strategies for Professionals

11 March 2014

In this book review Barry Adams shares his thoughts about a new book from Bruce Clay and Murray Newlands: Content Marketing Strategies for Professionals.

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Google Restaurant Menu

Restaurant Menus in Google Search Results – What Does It Mean For Your Business?

6 March 2014

Google recently announced that users can browse restaurant menus in Google search. What does this mean for restaurants and their websites in the future?

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The Value of SEO

7 Ways to Deliver ROI in SEO

5 March 2014

Those working in SEO have often been asked to prove its value. Read some the ways to show clients and colleagues the Return on Investment for SEO.

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Gravity Forms

12 Tips For Immaculate SEO on WordPress Sites

5 March 2014

Marcus Taylor discusses how to create immaculate SEO for your WordPress sites.

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Help us find the State of SEO

3 March 2014

Help us find out the State of SEO and get the free report when we are done!

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Content Scraper

The Rise of Content Scraping – is it Sharing or Stealing?

27 February 2014

State of Digital has seen many cases of its content being scraped and copied. Russell looks at the issue of content scraping and analyses the pros and cons.

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100 Frickin Unique

Could Your Images be Harming Your On Page SEO?

26 February 2014

Ben Holbrook discusses whether using recycled images could have a negative effect on your on page SEO efforts.

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It’s Still a Link Building Business

25 February 2014

Link Building is still the major factor for search engine rankings, however SERPs are not as clean as we would like to believe.

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Link Building in 2014 – 6 Old School Tactics Brought Up To Date

20 February 2014

Think that the tactics of old aren't valuable any more? Think again. Here we show you how to update your link building efforts for 2014.

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252x203v2 – A Free Backlink Analysis Tool

19 February 2014

A detailed review of, a free backlink analysis tool. Exploring all of the features and functionality and providing an expert review.

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