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Category Archives: Search Engine Optimisation

christmas shopping trends

SEO christmas campaigns: Did you use your summer months wisely?

2 December 2013

Did you start planning your SEO christmas campaigns this summer? No? Well, there's always next year. Agnete Tøien Pedersen gives us the lowdown on advance planning.

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Google Renewable Energy

Saving the Environment with

27 November 2013

Google is enticing SEOs to implement structured data. But why is the search giant doing this? Barry Adams looks at one possible theory...

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The future of search: Marcus Tandler

21 November 2013

Marcus Tandler has a really good sense of where search is going. In over 200 slides in only 15 minutes at TEDxMunich Marcus shows us where it is heading.

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SEO Criteria

SEO Awards: What Constitutes a Success?

19 November 2013

Judging SEO has never been easy. This article takes a recent SEO award winner and input from leading industry experts & debates what SEO success looks like.

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Google Landscaping – Making sure you Own Your Brand

8 November 2013

Google Hummingbird is a new direction for Google, the Knowledge Graph plays a big role but can also backfire. Like Wikipedia showed.

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Why Keyword Rankings Still Matter

6 November 2013

Keyword rankings are frequently denounced as metrics for SEO. But are they really obsolete?

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keywords no search volume

How to use Keyword Planner for small languages

4 November 2013

Last month I wrote about the problems with finding a trustworthy search volume for small languages using Google Keyword Planner. Here is an update.

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marketing strategy

Don’t Hire a Director of SEO

29 October 2013

A director level position should not just be focused on SEO any longer, it should be more online marketing focused with SEO as just a small part of that.

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7 Optimisation issues to check in your next SEO Audit

28 October 2013

Take a look at some of the most common issues I've lately found when doing SEO Audits and how to solve them.

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SEO: An Important Part of the Bigger Picture

23 October 2013

SEO is just part of the bigger picture, but we often forget just how important it is as an industry and the many impacts in can have on a...

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