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Articles about Search Engine Optimisation

SEO content memes

Content and SEO are Not Always the Answer

23 July 2014

SEOs often look to content as the driving force for their strategies. But sometimes content, and SEO itself, is not the answer, as this case study shows.

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Global Website Visibility

Increase Your Website Visibility in International Search Engines

22 July 2014

Increasing your website's presence in the international search engines doesn't have to be expensive or super-technical. Let the search engines help!

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my business

Navigating the new ‘Google My Business’ Places Dashboard

2 July 2014

 When Google My Business hit our computer screens mid-June it was an overnight change for many accounts. Minds were understandably boggled. For those who manage Google Places and Google...

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Did Google Stop showing Authorship Photos to benefit Google+?

30 June 2014

Did Google remove the Authorship Profile Pictures for another reason than they said? Were they after their own gain? Maybe.

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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love SEO

27 June 2014

Internal teams working with outside Digital Marketing consultants: often there is some member that finds the very concept of outside consultants threat. Why that fear? Kristine Schachinger talks about...

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Google dropping Authorship Profile Photos and Circle Counts in SERPS

25 June 2014

Google's Jon Mueller announces Google will be removing images and circle counts from authors from the SERPS. Authorship remains important however.

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Monitor Backlinks logo

Tool Review: Monitor Backlinks

23 June 2014

Monitor Backlinks is a link analysis tool that offers daily notifications of new and changed links and a range of other features. Read our full review here.

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Matt Cutts: Linkbuilding is not dead – You&A 2014 #SMX

20 June 2014

At Advanced West Matt Cutts of Google answered questions from Danny Sullivan and the audience on a wide range of topics, from Panda to Google+

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From Semantic to Semiotic. The next evolution of Search Marketing

18 June 2014

Technology and is already on the grade of maturity where engineering needs the proactive collaboration of humanistic studies for making the jump forward

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17 Quick Answers to Your Questions About the New ‘Google My Business’

12 June 2014

Google has created 'Google My Business' specifically for businesses to be visible on Google and to manage their profiles. Here's what its about. 17 answers to questions you might...

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