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Articles about Search Engine Optimisation


Google’s Maile Ohye: a multi-device world – #SMX London Day 1

21 May 2015

SMX London 2015 was held in May and Jan-Willem Bobbink shares the latest insights from the search marketing industry during the first part of Day One.

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4 Technical SEO Issues That Often Go Unnoticed

19 May 2015

It's hard to overstate the importance of proper technical SEO as the foundaton of your website's organic performance. In this post Daniel Bianchini looks at four technical SEO issues...

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Google and App indexing: how can you benefit from it?

18 May 2015

Since April 2015 Google shows app install buttons and app deeplinks in the SERPs. Read about getting your app indexed in Google Search!

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SpiralDB Review - State of Digital

SpiralDB Review – The Lightning Fast Way to Assess a Domain

29 April 2015

Using lots of tools to measure different metrics of domains when looking at outreach or link building? Krystian Szastok reviews SpiralDB - a free Chrome plugin that will save...

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Ok Google – how do I optimize for voice search?

28 April 2015

SEO is moving away from a traditional keyword approach towards a broader focus on entities and conversation. Kirsty Hulse looks at the increasing adoption of voice search across mobile...

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The Third Pillar of SEO: Authority

27 April 2015

After Technology and Relevance the third pillar of SEO is about Authority, i.e. links and mentions. In this article Barry Adams talks about your website's ability to earn new...

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How I do keyword research (and why it still matters)

23 April 2015

Post-Hummingbird what's the best way to conduct the most effective keyword research possible? Gianluca Fiorelli explains his approach and the tools he uses.

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Address Bar

Eliminate the SEO risks when moving to SSL / HTTPs

20 April 2015

A lot can go wrong when transitioning to SSL / HTTPS. Make sure to schedule and execute all required SEO related steps in detail to avoid negative impact. Jan-Willem...

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What 5 Years in Russia Taught TripAdvisor About Russian Optimization and Yandex SEO

16 April 2015

Russia offers the highest European Internet population with 83 millions users and considerable upside with a 54% Internet penetration, but it also offer differences and a unique set of...

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Content Inspiration: One tool, 1000s of sparks!

14 April 2015

Are you struggling to find ideas for your content? Daniel Bianchini shows how you can use the Ahrefs Content Explorer tool to find inspiration and generate thousands of content...

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