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Articles about Social Media Marketing


How the search teenager faces the incomprehension of good old SMB’s

22 October 2015

15 years after the arrival of search, how online savvy are British businesses? Cedric Chambaz talks us through some interesting survey findings that uncover the adoption and feelings towards...

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blablacar map

BlaBlaCar Shares their International Digital Journey into Russia

19 October 2015

Melissa McDonald interviews Timophey Levin, marketing manager for Russia and Nikolay Petrov, business development manager of BlaBlaCar to find out about their international journey and learn more about what...

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Internet map neural pathways

Is social media changing our brain?

27 August 2015

Is social media changing our brain? In this article from Briony Gunson, find out what a British neuroscientist has to say on the impact of social media & internet...

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Brand Storytelling and Sequential Advertising

Brand Storytelling with Sequential Advertising on Facebook

26 August 2015

Brand storytelling and sequential advertising can be used for brand perception or awareness, as well as direct response conversion campaigns. Tara West gives an overview of how to use...

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My name is content - State of Digital

How to Gain Mentions with Social and Digital PR for Your Content Marketing

5 August 2015

Jodie Harris gives some useful tips on using social and Digital PR for your content marketing and how your content marketing can travel further!

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This is your brain on clickbait

Have Current Metrics Created the Era of Clickbait?

4 August 2015

Has our obsession with specific metrics for measuring success created the era of vacuous clickbait? Sarah Kershaw investigates and looks at alternative metrics to focus on.

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Why You Need to Track (the right) Conversions in Your Direct Response Digital Advertising

15 July 2015

If your main success metric for your direct response digital ads is how much traffic you’re getting, the cost per click, bounce rate, or even click through rate, you...

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Friday Infographic: Getting More Twitter Followers

26 June 2015

Find the right Twitter followers using these tips.

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6 Reasons Why You Should Still Care About Google+

24 June 2015

Should brands still be active on Google+ or should they focus on other social networks instead? This post gives 6 reasons why they should!

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Tide Loads of Hope

6 Ways Brands Can Engage Social Communities & Causes

22 June 2015

Learn how brands like Nike, REI, Proctor & Gamble and American Express support causes and better engage their social communities.

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