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Articles about Social Media Marketing

SOD-Russell Brand

How to create the perfect Brandjack

20 May 2015

Jodie Harris takes a look at what Brandjacking is, a few recent examples and how it could work for you to gain some brand presence and how to execute...

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digital jersey

Social Media – The Future of Voting?

11 May 2015

As social media grows in our lives so does its influence. Arianne Donoghue talks about what could be final frontier - using social to vote. How has it been...

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Will The Return of Tweets to Google Impact Online Reputations?

7 May 2015

Twitter and search giant Google have struck a deal to start making users tweets available in Google search results. Will this impact online reputations? Wayne Denner walks through how...

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YouTube Button

Mighty Mobile – The Power of YouTube Mobile Advertising In 2015

30 April 2015

With other advertising costs continuing to escalate, YouTube can provide a low cost way to increase brand awareness and reach potential new customers. Laura Phillips highlights the size of...

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Should SEO Get a New Name?

How Language Transforms: Should “SEO” Get a New Name?

8 April 2015

SEO is responsible for a great deal of brand traffic and revenue. It's become more than "Search Engine Optimization". Should "SEO" get a new a name?

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Facebook Payment

FacePay or PayBook? – Peer to Peer Payments Come to Facebook 

26 March 2015

Facebook has been processing huge sums of money since forever, but soon they’re taking it to a new level with their own version of PayPal. Find out more in...

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Biggest Social Media Updates of 2015 To Date

3 March 2015

2015 is barely two months old and already the major social media platforms are making all kinds updates. Laura Crimmons lists what's been changed so far.

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When a Bad Review is a Good Thing for your Business.

19 February 2015

In a world of user-generated content, a bad review can be a serious blow to your reputation. Wayne Denner explains how to handle negative customer reviews and how it...

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6 Brands that are killing it on Instagram - State of Digital

These 6 brands are killing it on Instagram and here’s why.

18 February 2015

Instagram is hot – there's no denying it. This relatively new social network has taken all picture snapping lovers by storm. Here are 6 brands that are absolutely winning...

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Friday Infographic: Global Search and Social: The Ones to Watch in 2015

6 February 2015

The Webcertain Global Search and Social Report, issued in Q1 2015, covers the state of search and social media in 30 of the world's biggest internet markets.

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