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If you want you can be a part of that, by sponsoring State of Digital. We are now offering very interesting advertising possibilities to reach out to the group of experts and search – die hards who regularly are visiting the website.

Different sponsoring options for State of Digital

We offer different options of sponsoring on State of Digital: square and large banners, Category-specific banners, give aways, event pages sponsoring, newsletter sponsoring and a lot more. Send an e-mail to or fill in the form below to learn more about the different advertising options.

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Note: if you are informing on guest posting on State of Digital: we do not accept guest posts requests. We only approach those we want to write for us.

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Have a question for us or a remark? Fill in the form below! Note: if you are informing on guest posting on State of Digital: we are NOT accepting guest posts at this point of time.

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