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What can brands tell you about Digital Marketing?

Big brands have embraced Digital Marketing. Much of the budget goes to online these days. But having a big budget doesn’t mean you’re doing it right. There are brands who do though, like for example Dell, KLM, Heineken, Lenovo and Moneysupermarket to name just a few.

Whether you are working (or are) a brand yourself you can learn a lot from how the big brands do it. At different events, including RIMC 2014 and ClickZ New York, a lot of these brands came together and shared their knowledge. We wrote down the best tips they gave.

And now they are yours.

Read the case studies, read the interviews and read the expert opinions and start learning. Now!

Big Brands and Social Media: Heineken, KLM and Geox

KLM: Service is Sales

Service is Sales: How the customer is always right and how we are often wrong. Read about KLM’s current social commerce approach, which is -surprisingly enough- more about service than pure sales.

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Geox – 7 Days of Rain

How do you prove that shoes with Holes in are waterproof? Geox went to the wettest place in the world then brought the wettest rain to the urban environment.

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Heineken ‘Social Networking Since 1873?Paul Tholen – Head of Social Media for Heineken Netherlands talks about how NNL’s brands have flourished through both conversation and ‘social by design’.Read more

Digital Marketing Changes: Lenovo, Nokia and others

Will Data Save Us?

Will Big Data Save Us? Ajit Sivadasan from Lenovo discusses unstructured data and how to target to get max ROI.

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Nokia’s Digital Transformation

Consumers have changed and so has marketing. Nokia has been at the forefront of this change by leveraging Digital Media and new ways of Marketing to engage consumers in meaningful ways. Here are insights around the latest marketing trends and the successful approach Nokia has taken to adopt to this new Digital Reality.

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Reputation Roadkill: Learning from the Biggest Brands’ “OMG” Moments

Reputation is everything for brands. Andy Beal shares his lessons on Reputation Management at ClickZ.

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Search and Content: Moneysupermarket, Hilton and L’Oreal. 

SEO in 2014 for MoneySupermarket

Where is SEO? And why should brands care? David Harling of MoneySupermarket and Linkdex’s Matt Roberts give a blueprint for SEO in 2014 and beyond.

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Assembling a Custom PPC Management Solution at Hilton Worldwide

What do you do when you have tried the usual Media Agency / PPC platform combination and you are still left wanting more? If you are Hilton, you go, identify partners and put together a winning solution that addresses perfectly your needs using the right people and customising Technology to your requirements with flexible partners such as Acquisio.

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Lessons in Branded Content to Deliver Beauty for All: The L’Oreal Experience

L’Oreal shares its strategy for creating content to help their consumers research and purchase beauty products. Discover their strategy and how it has generated great results.

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Listen to the people behind the brands strategiesFor RIMC 2014 we talked to several people behind the brands’ strategies. Learn from Dell’s Social Media Lead Margo Smale, “chief web guy at Lenovo” Ajit Sivadasan and brand on his own Mathias.

Interview with Dell’s Social Media Lead for EMEA Commercial Margo Smale

Interview with “chief web guy at Lenovo” Ajit Sivadasan 

Interview with YouTube legend Matthias

Interview with Nordic Google boss Jan Gronbech

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