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Google Easter Egg: Lionel Richie: “Hello, is it me you’re looking for?”

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Not a very spectacular Easter Egg this time like the recently discovered game Zerg Rush but a small one, designed to put a smile on your face (if you would notice), especially for those from a certain age.

The Easter Egg is related to the recently introduced Knowledge Graph, the big database from Google with all sorts of information about persons, places and other things which is used to show extra information related to a query right next to the normal search results.

This is exactly what the latest Easter Eggs is related to. When searching for the singer-songwriter Lionel Richie Google will show as the title of the information on the right, “Hello, is it me you’re looking for”. This off course referring to the line from the famous song “Hello” from mister Richie from 1983.

Ok, it´s very small Easter Egg, but it is funny and probably there are more of these Knowledge Graph related eggs hidden in the search engine. The Egg currently only works on Google.com.

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Michel Wester is the owner of the Dutch website WebSonic.nl, started in 2004. WebSonic mainly focuses on news about Google, Twitter, and Facebook. Next to the news the site has a lot of tips for PC users and starting web developers.