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Facebook vs Google: The Battle (infographic)

5 July 2011 BY

Google is going Social. Is it their goal to beat Facebook? Could be one of the goals yes. But will they succeed? It is going to be hard. This infographic shows the differences between the two.


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Bas van den Beld is a speaker, trainer and online marketing strategist. Bas is the founder of -- You can hire Bas to speak, train or consult.
  • Climax Media

    This is fantastic! It’s great to see the social “war” broken down into an infographic. “The ever findable Google” :)

  • Tim Merrick

    Apples and oranges really? Nice graphic but surely Google has far more diversity in applications and practicality?

  • David

    54 minutes on Yahoo? I take it this is American data?

  • vĂ©rifications permis

    Thank you for this infographic. Somes datas are surprising !

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