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Germany & Search: October 2012 Edition

31 October 2012 BY

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Wow, how time flies by! October is already gone – it feels kind of surreal. And it has also been a month already since we started with the very first post of “Germany & Search” here on StateOfSearch. I certainly hope you found that kind of “aggregation” to be of use – and even if you just run it with Google translate, I promise that there is definitely some great stuff in there. It’s worth having a look! So, another month, another edition; and here we go:

Conferences & Other Events

I already announced some of the conferences in October within my first post last month – but surely not all of them. If you’re interested in the German-speaking conference sphere, let me briefly sum up what we had (and what is going to happen during November):

OMCap (which is short for Online Marketing Capital) took place in Berlin, in cooperation with SES (Search Engine Strategies). A one day event running three sessions in parallel. The day prior to the conference there was a dedicated training day as well and kind of surrounded by two networking events. If you want to read more: #1, #2 and a full list.

SEOday took place at the fabulous RheinEnergy soccer stadium in Cologne. Again, and that’s kind of normal for these events in Germany, there was an unofficial pre-event the evening before, the next day hat, again, a three session in parallel jam-packed agenda – but this time SEO only. Really fun! And of course, an evening with networking and parties at the stadium and later in central Cologne (unfortunately I had to leave early, due to another event in Berlin). Here are some recaps: #1, #2, #3.

WPCamp 2012 – a bar camp style conference dedicated to WordPress also took place in Berlin. Main topics were theme and plug-in development. Here is a quick re-cap. Shameless plug: If you’re into WordPress don’t miss my deck on Advanced WP Optimization Strategies!

And in November, there is actually one show I’m REALLY looking forward to: SEOkomm in Salzburg, Austria. I strongly recommend you go there, no matter what. I promise it’ll be an amazing event! Some more details over here.

That Google disavow thing

Well, of course we also had a lot of chatter about and around Google announcing their disavow links tool including a lot of people saying something like “nice, a new tool – but not telling which links are actually bad is really stupid” or – as Marcus Tober, CTO of Searchmetrics said – it’s kind of the same as seeing your priest… Here is some talk in the German SEO-sphere about it: #1, #2, #3, #4 and #5.

Random Links

As with the first post, here is some random stuff – definitely worth checking out.

Last time I talked a lot about tools – a topic I just really like – this time I don’t want to re-do that but there is one thing you guys just need to know: Strucr, another approach to crawling your website (similar to ScreamingFrog, but web-based and in my opinion with way more detail) and visualizing that link graph, is currently giving-away free accounts for smaller sites (up to 10.000 URLs). I strongly recommend trying it out. Here is the deal and if you prefer to read more up-front, here is a great how-to. Ok one more in terms of tools, over at t3n you’ll find an updated list covering 10 must-have tools for twitter. Don’t miss it!

Link building queries and operators’ overview: Check out this link for a great overview on “German-localized” link building queries and operators. Covering everything from query modifications as well as detailed Google search operator usage – this is a must read if you build links for the German market. Talking about link-building, don’t miss this post on how to leverage “offline” connections for new links.

Optimizing your profile pics for Facebook and Twitter – a topic I actually didn’t dig too deep into. If that’s something you’re planning on doing, check this post out. Talks about what images to use, etc.

Andre blogged about a finding in regards to an authorship based search (which we picked up here at SoS, of course) talking a little bit about possibilities to search in Google, but limiting contents to a specific Google+ account (user). Here’s the original post:

You’ve probably heard it already: Facebook disabled facial-recognition in Europe due to privacy issues – here is an in depth-look. And also Google does have hard times dealing with European laws – their privacy guidelines (“Datenschutzbestimmungen”) have been declared illegal – here is more info.

And that’s it for October 2012 folks. As always, let me know if I’ve missed something!

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Bastian Grimm is founder and CEO of Grimm Digital. He mainly works as online marketing consultant with a strong focus on organic search engine optimization (SEO). Grimm specializes in SEO strategy consulting, website assessments as well as large scale link building campaigns.
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