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Google Adds Upcoming Concerts To Search Results

29 February 2012 BY

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Google has added more concert information to the search results. When you search for a specific artist, information about upcoming concerts can be shown right under the official website of the artist you were looking for. Google only shows this information if an upcoming event will take place in your area, otherwise the information won’t appear.

In the screenshot below you can see the information directly below the Black Keys (an American rock band) website. The first concert will take place on Friday, May 4 in the Oracle Arena in Oakland. Below the location there are links to websites where you can find more information and buy tickets. By clicking the little ‘plus’ icon you can show more upcoming concerts in your area from, in this case the Black Keys.

Sites that sell tickets can add rich snippets markup if they would like to have there concerts shown in the search results like in the screenshot. At first the feature is only available on in English but there are plans to roll out the feature to other countries in the future.


Michel Wester is the owner of the Dutch website, started in 2004. WebSonic mainly focuses on news about Google, Twitter, and Facebook. Next to the news the site has a lot of tips for PC users and starting web developers.
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