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Google Celebrates Your Birthday

28 May 2012 BY

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Maybe you already noticed in the last couple of years that Google is celebrating your own birthday with a special doodle. When the magical moment of your birthday has arrived then go to the homepage of the search engine and you will see the logo, when hovering over the image with your mouse the the text ‘Happy Birthday [Frontname]’ will show, after clicking on the doodle there’s no search query like with normal doodles but in this case your own profile on Google+ will open instead.

Google shows the doodle based on the date in your profile and ofcourse the logo is only shown when you are logged in. Tis started in 2010 and recently Google renewed the logo I noticed today after opening the homepage, the new version has more cakes and firework then the previous version, both versions below.

In any case it´s a nice way to congratulate users with there birthday, so thanks Google!

Previous version


Michel Wester is the owner of the Dutch website, started in 2004. WebSonic mainly focuses on news about Google, Twitter, and Facebook. Next to the news the site has a lot of tips for PC users and starting web developers.
  • Abby Stroot

    Aww! It Said, “Happy Birthday Abby!” I Was So Happy They Did That. THANK YOU!

    • Hannah Morton

      How do u do that

      • Louise

        Just hover over the doodle

        • google

          Hi Google. Thank you so… much for my Happy Birthday sign. It is hard to believe that I am 50; its been an awesome life with my family, thanks to God, Jesus, my mom, my son and my new husband. I ready for another 50 years!!! Yeah!

  • Lilliy

    Theese google designs are fab

  • Manisha Tulaskar

    Aaaaw dis is sooo sweet, . yesterday was my birthday n it show happy birthday manisha :D sooo sweet of them :D to make dis doodle :D :D

  • Daria Ungureanu

    So sweet…Today,I saw a new doodle:Happy Birthday,Daria!:)))

  • Gray

    That is sooooo awesome! I got mine today and felt millionaire status important…okay I know I’m the only recipient…but just for a split second I got my imaginary fame that went straight to my head….I was my one best star! I was finally important to the…ethernet. Loved it…loved it! Never stop doing this Google.

  • Jocelyn

    Happy birthday Jocelyn!

  • Jocelyn

    Yay Jocelyn!

  • Abhishek Mittal

    Happy bithday Abhishek

  • Pooja

    happy birthday pooja

  • http://twitter namitha

    it was my bday yesterday and when i opened google i was so happy to see that it was written on that happy birthday namitha

  • Sourav Das

    Wish u Mny mny hppy rtnz of d day …. ;)

  • Shubham Srivastava

    happy birthday shubham

  • Kik

    How do you make one?

  • saba

    thanks soooooooooo much
    today is my birthday and you make it special for me :)

  • nikhilesh beeharry

    today is mine

  • Nicole Beverly

    Thank you soo much…I feel really special

  • Pat

    Intrusive. At least the birthday card I got from JC Penney is worth $10.00.

    • MynnYero


  • Gerry L

    I was surprised with the personalized Google birthday doodle yesterday. I couldn’t figure out how it got there since I keep a pretty low profile on the web. I’ve never filled in my Google + profile and don’t recall adding my birthday anywhere. Maybe I had to do it at some point as evidence that I’m old enough to use certain sites. A little bit creepy.

  • Frank Herner

    today is mine. thanks google for reminding me about my 20th!

  • Mary O’Neal

    I just got mine today and loved it!

  • Praveen Mylavarapu

    Mine is today. I was shocked to see that!

  • Akalank Prakash

    I was surprised when I saw mine today! ♥♥♥ Google is the sweetest internet giant! ♥♥♥ ( )

  • Karuitha

    I had a doodle for my birthday today, the best surprise present ever. Thanks Google.

  • Sade Simon

    thanks for the birthday wish today google thanks

  • Kimberley Huyton

    thx google my birthday today

  • John

    Definitely gave me a big lift, but where were the 75 candles ? ;)

    Thanks to whoever had the original idea !

  • Tuna man

    This is really amazing.. And a special gift for anyone.

  • LydiLouiKats

    I got my birthday Google Doodle today! — How do I thank Google?! — It’s wonderful! :)

  • Al in SoCal

    Hooray – Thx Google – today is my B-Day!


    yay! Thanks Google :)

  • Dharmveer Meena

    thanks google…. i love u

  • Dee Anderson

    Thank you sooo much Google

  • sam

    thanks google .. :)

  • MOZO

    Thanks :)

  • chrnv

    Today is my birthday so I got mine today. Thanks Google. You’re awesome!

  • Meem

    Yes, thank you Google you made my day, you were the first one to wish me a Happy Birthday, Love you.

  • jingo500 .

    <== Recipient. Thanks Google! Made my otherwise boring day better :D

  • Jayson Homer

    thanks google

  • Hamza khan

    I am really happy to see that
    THANK YOU !!!

  • Amna Asif

    how can i let google to celebrate my birthday? :D

  • Rajiv Ferdous

    how can i let google to celebrate my birthday?

  • Josephine Carmeli

    thank you very much Google!

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