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Yes, Google and Gmail Were Down

24 January 2014 BY

Some excitement on Social Media today, something which rarely happens seemed to be happening at the moment: Google seemed to be down for many. It was first noticed when Gmail couldn’t be reached, but it seems more Google products were down, even

It also appears that Google’s social network, Google+, was having problems.

The error most users gt was a 500 code problem, which indicates that it’s a temporary problem.

After about 50 minutes Google was back up, but there were some troubles with connections afterwards so it could be that you are experiencing some issues at the moment.

Yahoo decided to make a bit of fun of Google by tweeting about the outage.



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  • Hans Kolbeek

    Whoa.. that’s crazy. I didn’t have any problems though. At what time did this occur?

    • stateofsearch

      About 9.30 European time this morning.

  • EU Bookings

    And it is still down for me

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  • Montani42

    It is still down for me at 7:30PM

  • Tori

    Is still down for me al 22:30

  • fatbearswim

    Google was not down for a few minutes, it was like a few hours!

  • ali

    Air , Water , Earth , Fire …..and google is the main components of life

  • name ?


  • name ?

    GOOGLE ???????????

  • Mike

    Still down at 9:28am EST

  • CarlosV

    Is still down!, and we reach the 2 hours already, so it is not as simple as you think

  • http://vpnpop Chris

    We run a vpn service; i’m using it right now as it’s been down for 6 hours on the west coast. DNS resolves webservers don’t have port 80 open solid strange.

  • Paulina

    Well this is obviously caused by global warming and the Obama administration.

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