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Google E-mailing Authors about their Authorship Markups

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The Authorship markups from Google have been around for a while now, Here at State of Search the authors have one as well, which means that if posts do well in the rankings you might see the author’s image in front of the result. A nice feature.

Since a couple of days Google seems to be sending out e-mails to those who have implemented or changed their authorship profile, welcoming them to Google Authorship.

One member of our editorial team, Sam Noble, yesterday received the below e-mail from Google after she had changed the url going from her Google+ page from going to her bloggers page to going to the homepage of State of Search:

Today we are seeing more people report they have had this e-mail.

You can read more about the importance of authorship later on this week on State of Search, but we didn’t want to wait with this information since it is interesting (and very pro-active) that Google is sending out these e-mails. Why are they doing this? There seems to be no ‘special’ use for the authors. Is this service? What do you think?

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