Friday Infographic: Facts About Google You May or May not Know

Google has been around forever so it seems. It has been so embedded in our lives that it almost seems we have never been without and will never be without Google. But off course Google is relatively new. It’s still a teenager. Yet so much has happened in Google’s live. So let’s take a look at Google’s history and see if we can find some facts we didn’t know. Tell us in the comments what facts you didn’t know of yet!

26 Crazy Facts about Google

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Bas van den Beld

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  • it’s a good thing that, google wasn’t bought by yahoo back then, because
    yahoo would not implement google’s algorithms. They will just end up like start ups companies yahoo bought this year. I wonder how terrible the internet be without google.

  • Interesting! Unfortunately Yahoo missed the opportunity in buying Google!! Surprising to hear about it!