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A Look Inside the Google London Offices (With Electric Chair!)

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Have you ever wondered what it is like inside the new Google offices in London? Well some people may have even been there, or maybe you got a job there. Others have no idea what they look like however.

Well stop wondering, we have seen pictures before and no below you can find pictures from what is said to be (unconfirmed, but it sure looks like it) the new London offices. They are probably closed today, most like many offices in London because of the Queens’ Jubilee, but here’s your chance to look inside. Are you jealous? And did you find that one awkward one, an electric chair..?

It is a nice hallway, very British!

Round round, baby go round…

Haven’t the Flinstones invented these lamps..?

Is that grass..?

Looks like a Spa

Love that screen!!

Yes, this really is a gym

Wait… is that… an… electric chair…?

Looks like this chair is floating…

Let’s play hide and seek!

Table tennis. With… six?

Via “Fresher”

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