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Google+ Making Major Changes to Design

11 April 2012 BY

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Google just announced a major redesign for Google+. The Google+ pages now look a lot more like for example Facebook.

There is a major focus on the new navigation which is much more focussed on ease for the user. Google says:

One of the first things you’ll notice is a new way to get around the stream. Instead of static icons at the top, there’s a dynamic ribbon of applications on the left. This approach comes with lots of perks, but some of our favorites include:

– You can drag apps up or down to create the order you want
– You can hover over certain apps to reveal a set of quick actions
– You can show or hide apps by moving them in and out of “More”

Google produced these videos with the launch:

I am not seeing it myself yet but I am sure that will come quickly. Our friend Alex Moss did and sent us these pictures:

Are you seeing it? What do you think?


Bas van den Beld is a speaker, trainer and online marketing strategist. Bas is the founder of -- You can hire Bas to speak, train or consult.
  • Barry Adams

    Wait, is that a top cover photo banner? Like, you know, exactly the same type of cover photo Facebook introduced with their Timeline update not that long ago?

    This is getting ridiculous…. Google+ is like a cheap Chinese Facebook knock-off. And is about just as desirable.

    • Dean Marsden

      Agree with Barry, although it is very slick it is a blatant copy of Facebook and Twitter. Preferred the originality and simplicity of the previous version.

    • Ben Greenwood

      Yes, Barry. Just as Facebook ripped off Circles with their new Lists. You’ve got two social media juggernauts battling it out for supremacy (whether Google+ has lost already or not) and the outcome is improved UX, tools and features on BOTH. What’s wrong with that?

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