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Google Take Out: is Google Taking Privacy Serious Now?

The left hand navigation of your Google Profile account when you are editing it has something special to it. Not that you can make your profile as nice as possible, but if you look well, most of the items are related to privacy.

After “Account overview” there is the “Profile and privacy” tab, which lets you change all sorts of privacy settings. In the sidebar you’ll also find ‘connected accounts’ which enables you to look and edit accounts connected to your name. And finally there is the “Data liberation” tab. This option to get all your data out of Google has never been that visible before. Is Google taking privacy more seriously?

Google has named the option to get out all your data “Google Take Out”, and introduced it like this:



Bas van den Beld is an award winning Digital Marketing consultant, trainer and speaker. He is the founder of State of Digital and helps companies develop solid marketing strategies.