White Paper: 2014 Guide to Inspired E-mail Marketing

How is your e-mail marketing going? Getting a lot out of it? Maybe you can do more.

GetResponse have produced a 26-page whitepaper guide, providing insights and tips on where you should be focusing your email marketing efforts in 2014.

Title of the White Paper:

2014 Guide to Inspired E-mail Marketing

Written by:

This white paper is written by Mac Ossowski – Director of Education GetResponse Email Marketing


The white paper has been created by GetResponse, an E-Mail Marketing Provider.

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Summary of the White Paper:

Email marketing can often get overlooked as a marketing channel, yet it’s incredibly important towards driving conversion and with recent studies showing that 50% of emails are now opened on mobile, it’s increasingly important that you are providing the best experience possible across all devices.

The whitepaper includes valuable insight into how you can send creative email content to resonate with your subscribers and turn them into potential customers. Featuring example case studies on how you can make an impact, with ideas around:

  • Seasonal and topical campaigns
  • Discount offers
  • Psychological tips on price
  • How to follow-up without being excessive
  • and many more…

Preview samples of the White Paper:


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