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Is Social Media Making Us Not So Social?

26 June 2012 BY

It is a complaint from many ‘old skool’ people: social media makes that people are only looking at their screens, they are not in a ‘normal conversation’ anymore. You are hearing these remarks more and more often, and if you look around you, you will indeed see many people staring at their phones. But is it true? Is Social Media really making us less social? What do you think?



Bas van den Beld is a speaker, trainer and online marketing strategist. Bas is the founder of -- You can hire Bas to speak, train or consult.
  • Arpita

    Hi Bas Van Den Beld,
    Thanks for sharing this great post!
    This is really a debatable topic that “are social sites really making us social?”
    People are getting so much social network dependent ,that their real social life is really getting hampered.
    Thanks again

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