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Category Archives: Content Manager


5 Reasons to Use SEMrush: Tool Review

12 August 2014

Jo Turnbull reviews SEMrush and how to get the most of the tool for those working on a budget. Find out some of the best features of SEMrush and...

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In-depth Articles in Google UK

In-Depth Articles hits the UK

4 August 2014

Twitter and Facebook have been a flurry the last few days in the UK with the introduction of "In-depth Articles" into Google's search results. However this isn't a new...

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The Lounge Kittens

Getting Yourself Heard – a Case Study from the Music Industry

30 June 2014

How do you improve your brand`s chances of being heard online? Laura Phillips looks at three ladies who were thrown into the limelight and how they increased their online...

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China Heat Map

Content Marketing Inspiration From The Global Search Engines

19 June 2014

Can these examples of content marketing by the global search engines give you some inspiration for your own international content campaigns?

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An example of a graph that lets you visualise how contagious your content might be.

Book Review: Contagious

5 June 2014

At SES London this year in one of the content marketing/social sharing sessions which featured Matt Roberts from Lindex, he mentioned Contagious by Jonah Berger as one item on...

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How to do PR without a Press Release

26 May 2014

Until recent years, the humble press release used to be an important piece of ammo to a PR’s arsenal. Nowadays, PR doesn't need to be dictated by a sharply...

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An Unlikely Couple

The Story of an Unlikely Couple – SEO and Translation

22 May 2014

Thinking about SEO and Translation as two entirely separate processes can result in missed opportunities to improve efficiency in global campaigns.

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#HEROCONF Predicting the Future with CRO: Achieving ROI through Content

15 May 2014

Jasmine Aye recaps Stefan Wiechowski's HeroConf 2014 presentation on his opinion of the future of CRO, and how we all can grow businesses without the use of averages.

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How Brands Can Encourage Social Sharing

12 May 2014

So what are the brands doing that are role models when it comes to social sharing? In order to answer this question we need to understand that the secret...

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Brighton SEO Dome Photo

BrightonSEO: Lessons Learnt about Content Marketing

5 May 2014

Briony Gunson summarised a series of content marketing lessons from a selection of speakers at BrightonSEO speakers. Learn about the role content marketing plays at every stage in the...

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