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Category Archives: Content Manager

Heart painting image

How to Get Clients Invested, Passionate and Playing to their Strengths

18 August 2015

It can be hard to get clients fully engaged with digital marketing. In this post Steve Morgan shows a few examples of how you can get clients excited and...

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Growing Global Image

Lessons Learned on Local Site Optimization & Increasing Online Conversions at Growing Global 2015

10 August 2015

As discussed in sessions at Growing Global 2015, learn more about localization and online conversions for international markets including lessons on language, brand and cultural nuances, use of images,...

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My name is content - State of Digital

How to Gain Mentions with Social and Digital PR for Your Content Marketing

5 August 2015

Jodie Harris gives some useful tips on using social and Digital PR for your content marketing and how your content marketing can travel further!

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Don’t Get Caught Out With Live Streaming Video Apps

23 July 2015

Popular Live Streaming Video Apps Meerkat and Periscope are battling it out to become Number 1. What do brands need to think about in order to make the most...

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Your Language is Ruining your Outreach And You Don’t Even Know

8 July 2015

Kirsty Hulse takes us through some of the good, bad and ugly outreach emails she receives on a daily basis and some tips on what to include when you...

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Small Stuff, Big Impact: How Getting The Details Right Can Massively Boost Your Business

6 July 2015

When faced with big challenges we tend to look for big solutions. But often it's the small stuff that taps in to human psychology that can really drive us...

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The Scarcest Resource of the 21st century is human attention

Creative Content Ideas; Learning from the Professionals

2 July 2015

Generating ideas for quality content is increasingly hard to do. Sarah Kershaw shares a range of useful content tips from journalists and PR professionals.

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picture 1

Anatomy of an Organic Content Marketing Effort

1 July 2015

How do you come up with a successful content marketing campaign? Kristjan Mar Hauksson takes us through a real-life example featuring excavators and hotdogs.

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ISPs drop the bomb

Brace yourself for ISP level ad-blocking

25 June 2015

ISP Level Ad-Blocking has emerged as the latest threat to net neutrality. Mat Bennett explores the issue behind the headlines.

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Tide Loads of Hope

6 Ways Brands Can Engage Social Communities & Causes

22 June 2015

Learn how brands like Nike, REI, Proctor & Gamble and American Express support causes and better engage their social communities.

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