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Link building requests gone crazy

7 January 2011 BY

Like many site owners I get a lot of link requests. You know, the requests from other site owners, or their agencies, to put up a link to their site. But as I’ve written before I get many, and I mean many, link requests which make no sense.

The other day we had a good laugh about one of them again on Twitter. It showed that I wasn’t the only one getting these requests. I joked that I could set up a site with these crazy link requests. But then I thought: I already HAVE a site: State of Search! So why not do it there?

So today I want to introduce you to a new category on this website: “Bad Link Requests“. We will be regularly posting bad link requests here. They might not be on the homepage of this blog, but they will be in the specific category! And the good thing is: we want your requests too!

Send them in by either e-mailing us at or uploading them here. Please send in pictures (jpg) of the request which was sent to you and we’ll see if it fits in the category! We’ll anonymize the requests.

Below you will find some of the examples of what we are looking for.

Here’s your typical request

I like this one because I was a ‘candidate’…

The weird one…

And this one is a bit on the weird side, not an actual linkbuilding request, but this one goes a lot further…

Upload your own!

Upload your own weird, funny or interesting request you received and have it featured in this category!

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