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Meet our 2011 Bloggers: Claire Carlile

19 December 2011 BY

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The end of the year is approaching rapidly so it is time to start counting down to the New Years. And I always like to do that in a special way. Because this blog is something special. Special because the authors of this blog are not only very smart people who write great content, but also very nice people who all have one thing in common: they have a specific drive and they are genuine.

I believe that the State of Search Team is very special and that it needs care. That’s why I am very cautious with who gets to be part of the team. The bloggers who are on the team now all deserve to be there 100%. With January 1st being only two weeks away I want to highlight the bloggers for you. Each of them with their own post. I asked them some questions and I have some personal thoughts too. So in random order these next two weeks you can learn about the great team of State of Search bloggers. Lets kick things off with Claire Carlile.


I asked Claire some questions:

What post are you are most proud of this year?
I think this was probably my first post – ‘kicking off a linkbuilding campaign with questions‘, it made the front page of Sphinn, which was nice! I like it also because it’s not a throwaway post, I still use this process with new clients, and I’m still seeing the results of developing a strong understanding of the client and their marketplace before embarking upon any link dev campaigns.

What was your (personal or business, or both) highlight of 2011?
My personal highlight was definitely finding out I was ‘with child’ – hoorah! Business highlights I guess were mostly from seeing some really positive results for my small business clients, and getting the chance to work with some lovely SEOs that I hadn’t worked with before – new partnerships FTW!

What are you ‘wishing’ for 2012?
Oh the normal stuff – world peace, health and happiness for everyone :)

A personal thought about Claire

Claire is one of the examples of people who are to modest about themselves. This woman can write and she knows her stuff! She just doesn’t always know it of herself. Claire is very knowledgable but also very focussed on the outside world. She absorbs how people interact on Social Networks, but I feel is most happy when she is surrounded by people she loves.

I am thrilled for Claire that there will be a little Claire (I don’t know if its a boy or a girl, it will be a little Claire for me until I know :) ) in 2012. That will take up a lot of her time, but it will be worth it. I’m hoping Claire will be able to give us some great content in 2012 also, but the kid goes first ;).

Claire, great to have you on board, good luck in 2012 and enjoy this wonderful time you are in now!

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  • Carla Marshall

    She *is* far too modest!!!

  • Sam Murray

    One of the nicest people in the industry IMO.

    Very happy for her :) x

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