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Microsoft Advertising Making Job Cuts

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When you follow Mel Carson around on Facebook and Twitter you will see a lot of happy updates, about his daughter, his life in general. If you have met him in person you’ll know this is what he’s like. Mel has been a well known face in the industry over the past years advocating Microsoft to the community with a big smile on his face, speaking, interviewing and writing.

So when I saw Mel’s post entitled “Sad Face: My Role at Microsoft Advertising Has Been “Eliminated”” on his personal blog show up on Social Media my first thought was it was some sort of joke he was making. But when reading the post it became clear: his job really got ‘eliminated’: Microsoft seems to be pulling the plug on Microsoft Advertising.

Carson’s job, he had moved to the US last year, is cut as part of a round of lay offs at Microsoft. So far it is unclear how many people are being sacked or even why. To Searchengineland Microsoft stated:

“I can confirm that there were job eliminations today at Microsoft. Like any company, Microsoft continually evaluates its operations and works to align the business to key priorities. I can assure you we’re thinking about the exciting new opportunities that Windows 8, Xbox and Skype present for our advertising and marketing partners.”

It is unclear if this is something which is structural for Microsoft in general or if this is a one time lay off round specifically for Microsoft Advertising. Earlier this year Business Insider hinted at Microsoft being unhappy with how the marketing budget was spent and therefor hundreds of employees could lose their jobs. This could be part of that, but so far its unclear.

As soon as we know more we’ll be sure. We’re sure Mel will find a new job soon, but still.

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